Events going on today and this week

WOOOHOOO!  I just became the mayor of Downtown Walgreens on Foursquare!

Despite it being Valentine’s Day, there are actually several things going on Downtown today that don’t suck.  Here’s the rundown for today, and also some other events this week:

Kooky Canuck is celebrating Presidents Day a day early today.  99 cent Bud Light draft all day.  Hmmm I may just have to add Kooky as an additional Sunday Fun Day stop this afternoon.

Speaking of Kooky, they’re having a Mardi Gras party on Tuesday, with a special Cajun menu.  Canadian meets Cajun… interesting.  $2 Bud Light draft, Hurricanes, Hand Grenades.  Kooky will likely be on my agenda after trivia ends Tuesday night.

The Flying Saucer is having a Grizzlies watch party tonight.  $2.75 New Belgium Blue Paddle, and I think there are other specials and giveaways as well.  Sorry I don’t have details… usually I take pics of their flyers so I have all the info, but the only place this flyer was posted was the men’s room.  Taking out a camera in the men’s room and snapping pics is a way to get a really bad reputation, so I just had to rely on memory.

Tuesday, the Saucer has the drawing at 10 for the New Belgium Fat Tire bike hanging in the corner.  You have to be present to win, and I likely will have moved on to Kooky, so I probably won’t be the winner.  Oh well, I don’t see the point of replacing a $30 bike that never gets ridden with a $500 bike that will never get ridden.

Thursday, the Saucer is having a big event.  I think it involves the announcement of their new, improved UFO club, but not sure.  They’re being artfully vague about it.

Finally, tonight is the annual Anti-Valentine’s Day party at the Silly Goose starting at 8 PM.  Bring a photo of your ex to put on their “dart board of shame,” and win a prize if you hit a bullseye in three throws.

All right, time to jump in the shower, drink a bottle of Mountain Dew Throwback, and get the day started.