Tuesday update

WREG has details about the shootout that occurred at Peabody Place and Main around 8:30 Saturday night. One car was found abandoned, riddled with bullet holes, and drugs and several phones were found inside. The sidewalks were packed and it’s a miracle an innocent bystander didn’t get shot.

Grab a jacket if you go out this evening. Lows are expected to dip down into the upper 30s.

The Grizzlies have a back-to-back at home today and tomorrow:

  • vs. Orlando Magic, tonight at 7
  • vs. L.A. Clippers, Wednesday at 7

Both games will be broadcast on Bally Sports Southeast. Wednesday’s game is Wrestling Night and there’s a promotional giveaway – the first 3000 fans get a free Steven Adams Hawaiian shirt.

The Orpheum announced its 2023-2024 Broadway season yesterday:

  • Funny Girl October 10-15
  • Beetlejuice October 31-November 5
  • Six November 21-26
  • Company January 2-7
  • Les Miserables February 6-11
  • Mrs. Doubtfire March 12-17
  • Wicked April 3-21
  • Mamma Mia! July 16-21

Memphis Tigers basketball players Kendric Davis and DeAndre Williams have accepted invitations to the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament, where they will be watched by pro teams’ scouts. It’s an opportunity for players who might otherwise be passed over in the NBA draft to showcase themselves.

Today is National Something on a Stick Day.

Another slow news day. I’m out. Back tomorrow.

Monday update

It’s that time of year again. This Saturday, the Memphis Farmers Market returns. When I was a child back in the ’70s, my mom would take me to a farmers’ market in Little Rock, set up on a parking lot downtown on 3rd St., not far from the Arkansas Gazette building where she worked. It was nothing special, just a bunch of farmers standing around selling excess produce out of bushel baskets.

Don’t get me wrong – the Memphis Farmers Market has that too. It’s the centerpiece of the entire operation, the main event. But it’s hardly all that happens there.

At MFM you’ll also find (based on what I’ve seen in past years)

  • Live acoustic music
  • Food trucks serving breakfast and lunch
  • Fresh flowers
  • Herbs in season
  • Cheeses
  • Breads
  • Reheat & go meals
  • Frozen pops
  • Bird houses
  • Pottery
  • Hot sauce
  • Bloody Mary mix
  • MFM T-shirts
  • Dog treats
  • Chips & dips
  • Fresh meat & seafood
  • Jellies & jams (if you don’t know the difference, I know someone who can explain it to you)
  • Mushroom-growing starter kits (no not the magic kind)
  • Pastries

The Memphis Farmers Market happens every Saturday, rain or shine, from the beginning of April to the end of October. It’s located under the pavilion at S. Front St. and G.E. Patterson Ave., behind the Malco Powerhouse movie theater.

Wow. What a Final Four.

  • 4 UConn
  • 5 San Diego State
  • 5 Miami
  • 9 Florida Atlantic

Has there ever been a Final Four where a 4 seed is the high seed left standing? Has there ever been a Final Four where the average seed is 5.75?

34 out of the 35 people in our Bardog employee/regular bracket league picked a national champion who has been eliminated by this point.

FiveThirtyEight probabilities of each team winning the title:

  • UConn: 43%
  • San Diego State: 25%
  • Miami: 20%
  • Florida Atlantic: 12%

The Grizzlies picked up a 123-119 win over Atlanta yesterday. They’ll be back home to face Orlando on Tuesday.

The DM has a look at the vegan brunch that happened at the Renasant Convention Center yesterday.

Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus will align in an arc under the moon Tuesday evening.

Major League Baseball’s Opening Day is Thursday.

Not a very newsy day. Back tomorrrow.

Sunday update – Go ‘Canes!!!

Last night I got home to bed early because I wasn’t feeling that great. But I got woken up four times by revving engines and squealing tires. Especially from 10:30 to midnight, the noise was nearly constant. I guess the season for Stupid Car Tricks has begun.

9 Florida Atlantic – the team that ousted Memphis from the Big Dance – and 4 UConn advanced to the Final Four yesterday. Today two more teams will advance:

  • 6 Creighton vs. 5 San Diego State, 1:20 PM, CBS
  • 5 Miami vs. 2 Texas, 4:05 PM, CBS

You’ll notice I didn’t list any picks for today’s games. That’s because the bracket I filled out is TOTALLY busted. I’m in 9th place out of 35 with 50 total points and a possible max of 50. There’s no remaining game that can move me higher in the standings.

Despite that, GO ‘CANES!!! As in, the Hurricanes of Miami.

Why, you ask? Never once in my life have I rooted for that team. A picture is worth 1000 words:

As I mentioned, I have 50 points but no live teams – no opportunity to increase my point total. Butt Slut #1 has 48 points but still has a live team – Texas, who she has going to the championship game.

If Texas wins today, her bracket beats mine.

If Miami wins today, my bracket beats hers.

I don’t ask my readers for much, but today I will: Please send positive “win-today” vibes to the Miami basketball players and coaching staff. Together we can take Butt Slut #1 down.

Weather today: Almost no chance of rain. 76/50. Note that the wind is going to shift around to the north at 13 mph tonight, so take a jacket if you plan on walking home.

The Grizzlies travel to Atlanta to play at 5 today. The game is on NBA TV but I believe it’ll also be on Bally Sports with your friends Brevin, Pete, and Fish.

Today is National Make Up Your Own Holiday Day. Can I make up “$1 PBR Day”?

The line to get daiquiris at Fat Tuesday must have been 20 deep when I walked home yesterday. And that was still early in the evening, probably about 6:00. Whoever is their marketing director is doing a hell of a job.

Former Grizzly Zach Randolph will be inducted into the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame.

There will be free photos with the Easter Bunny Saturday at Bass Pro.

Weekly event Live at the Tracks returns to Central Station this Thursday from 6:30 to 9:30 PM. Shara Layne will perform.

Kansas City band The Country Duo plays South Main Sounds for Trolley Night this Friday.

There will be an Easter egg hunt for kids at the Fire Museum on Adams Saturday from 10 AM to 1 PM. Firefighters will hide 500 candy-filled (chocolate and jelly beans) eggs around the museum. Find an egg of each color and turn them in to the Easter Bunny for a chance to win the Grand Surprise Prize. Tickets are $10 regardless of age.

That’s all for today. Go ‘Canes!

Friday update

Well. My NCAA bracket is likely dead following UCLA’s loss to Gonzaga last night. I had the Bruins picked to go to the Final Four. I’m in 18th place in the 35-person Bardog regulars/employees bracket pool. Here are my picks for today’s Sweet Sixteen games:

  • 1 Alabama over 5 San Diego State, 5:30 PM, TBS
  • 1 Houston over 5 Miami, 6:15 PM, CBS
  • 6 Creighton over 15 Princeton, 8:00 PM, TBS
  • 2 Texas over 3 Xavier, 8:45 PM, CBS

So nice to have 4 live picks in tonight’s 4 games. Yesterday I only had 2 live picks, one of which lost. Today could very well be a day when I move up in my bracket league. I have the highest maximum possible point total (138) of anyone who picked Alabama as champion, so theoretically I still have a path to winning my league, albeit a narrow path.

Mainly, I just want to beat Butt Slut #1. She needs a demonstration that I am better than her in every possible way.

Anyway, let’s get on to the news…

Got a reader tip yesterday… it appears a restaurant named Pretty Taco is going in the old Paramount space near Front and MLK.

Grizzlies developmental affiliate the Memphis Hustle announced that G League Conference Semifinal tickets are now on sale. Home playoff games will be played at FedExForum.

Today is National Cocktail Day.

Tonight is Memphis Grizzlies Scholars Night at FedExForum.

Keep an eye on the weather tonight. Strong to severe storms may move in between 7 and 11 PM. 78/58 with very gusty winds.

Memphis Animal Services is offering $5 puppy adoptions this weekend.

Corncob crust pizza is a thing.

Slider Inn Downtown is hiring for all positions. Come by between 2 and 7 PM Monday or Tuesday of next week. A resume in advance to hello@packedhouse.com is helpful but not required.

In other news, starting at 5 this afternoon, Slider Inn Downtown will give you $1 off drinks (limit 5) when you show your Grizzlies ticket.

That’s all for now. Back tomorrow.



Because the Memphis Grizzlies are the NBA Southwest Division champions, that’s why!

In the standings, division champs get “y-” next to their team name. Following their win against Houston last night, Memphis got its “y-“.

Congratulations Grizzlies! And welcome back, Ja!

In addition, the 2nd-place Grizzlies (Western Conference) have now put 2 full games’ distance between themselves and 3rd-place Sacramento.

Next up: The Grizz host Houston again on Friday. Yesterday’s game vs. the Rockets, one of the NBA’s worst teams, was uncomfortably close at times. Let’s blow ’em out by 30 the second time around.

NCAA March Madness returns today. Let’s have a look at my picks in the bracket I’m in with a number of Bardog employees and regulars:

  • 3 Kansas State over 7 Michigan State – 5:30 PM, TBS
  • DON’T CARE FOR BRACKET PURPOSES, BUT… 8 Arkansas vs. 4 UConn, 6:15 PM, CBS – I had neither team getting this far, but of course I want my Hogs to make it to the Elite Eight for the third consecutive year
  • DON’T CARE FOR BRACKET PURPOSES, BUT… 9 Florida Atlantic vs. 4 Tennessee, 8:00 PM, TBS – I had neither team getting this far, but of course I want the Vols to LOSE!
  • 2 UCLA over 3 Gonzaga – 8:45 PM, CBS

Looking at the status of the Bardog bracket league, it appears my main nemesis is Jack who works there. Jack currently has 44 points to my 38, and he has a slightly higher maximum point potential (156 to my 150). We have the same team picked to win (Alabama). So I need wins in the Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight, and Final Four since I won’t be able to catch up with Jack in the championship game.

It’s National Tamale Day. I wonder if any of the food trucks in Court Square will be serving them.

A version of the Overton Park Shell is going mobile, bringing performing arts to all parts of Memphis. The mobile shell will be at the annual Juneteenth celebration this year.

Memphis in May unveiled this year’s poster featuring honored country Malaysia.

The DM has a look at improvements to AutoZone Park for the upcoming baseball season.

The Super 5 Acoustic Trio play Blind Bear Friday at 10.

There’s a free beginner swing class taught by the instructors of Cat’s Ballroom this Saturday at Fourth Bluff.

The Cotton Museum at Main and Union will have an opening reception Friday for artist Erika Roberts’ exhibit, Seed Society.

My work here is done for the day. Let me leave you with this one parting thought:


-y not?

Wednesday update

Tonight is Health Night at the Grizzlies’ home game vs. Houston. From 10 AM to 2 PM and 3 PM to 7 PM, the Grizzlies will offer their fans a number of different vaccinations, including the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines for ages 5 and up.

The Memphis Flyer talked to Glaze Hardage, the Mud Bug Master, this week. Glaze is the mastermind behind Saturday crawfish boils at Max’s Sports Bar and Sunday crawfish boils at Loflin Yard. As I’ve said on here many times, best crawfish in town.

Fat Tuesday on Main just south of Madison is back open. It opened for one day last month – literally on Fat Tuesday – and has been closed since then. I still kinda question whether a daiquiri party bar is a good fit for a very residential part of the Downtown core.

Around the corner at 105 Madison, Downtown Wines & Spirits has made a huge improvement. Those of you who have been in there will remember three very steep steps. The second step, you had to navigate as you were pulling the door handle open. The third step was INSIDE the store and was easy to overlook, especially in the COVID-19 era when face masks obstructed vision. I wonder how many people tripped and fell. However, it’s been fixed now. All the steps have been moved outside and there is ample room to get to the top step before you open the door. Carl, my bad legs and I sincerely thank you.

The late Andy Kaufman, who feuded with Jerry Lawler in Memphis wrestling in the early 1980s, will be inducted into the celebrity wing of the WWE Hall of Fame.

Ja Morant, back with the team practicing, spoke with the media for the first time since his suspension.

The City Council is having a look at regulating party buses, which have gotten out of control in Nashville and which are starting to appear here.

Today is National Goof-Off Day. Those of you reading this blog at work, I salute you.

Action News 5 looks at Central Station Memphis in its latest 5 Star Story.

Dillon Brooks will serve an automatic one-game suspension tonight for picking up his 18th technical foul of the season. He was assessed the “T” Monday for taunting the Dallas bench.

White Claw is now releasing vodkas.

I’ve finally found out why there was crime scene tape on the Gayoso/Peabody Pl block of Main Monday night. Action News 5 has details.

Sorry if the posts are a bit brief this week. I injured my left pinky finger and it hurts to type. Back tomorrow with more news.

Tuesday update

MPD was blocking off Main Street with yellow tape when I left the Blind Bear last night at about 9:00. I checked all the local news stations this morning but couldn’t find any info What I’ve heard – and this is second- or third-hand and UNVERIFIED, so take it with a grain of salt – is that someone may have been beaten down on the Main Street Mall and subsequently had a seizure. If I find out more details I will post them.

A big topic of discussion in my circle of friends is that a Downtown neighborhood lounge has started charging a $20 cover on Sunday afternoons. There’s been a lot of speculation, both face-to-face and on social media, as to the motivation behind that charge. The lounge had been attracting a lot of customers from outside Downtown on Sundays, people from neighborhoods like Whitehaven, Parkway Village, Fox Meadows, and Hickory Hill.

Another Downtown bar (not the one I mentioned above) had a staff meeting yesterday to roll out its new employee dress code. I rarely have anything negative to say about that place, but this time I’m gonna: I think that dress code is a mistake. The whole vibe about the bar of which I speak is, it’s a place you can go and just be yourself. Like the song says, “No cover charge. Come as you are… mmm, mmm, mmm, I love this bar.” But the thing is, the employees have always set the vibe there by being allowed to be THEMselves. Now, to a degree, they’ll be able to do that to a lesser extent. It wasn’t broken and didn’t need to be fixed.

I’ve been told one of the new rules is “no unnatural hair colors.” Should I dye my hair Tiger blue in support of the employees who are gonna have to change their hair?

From Rolling Stone: 50 horrible albums by brilliant artists

Nerd alert: The rise and fall of programming language Visual Basic. VB6 may have been the greatest development tool ever.

This is the last day of Memphis’ current cold spell. Temps will max out in the mid 50s today, hold steady tonight, then rise into the 70s tomorrow.

The Grizzlies are back in second place in the NBA’s Western Conference following a big win over Dallas last night. Memphis now trails first-place Denver by only 3 games. They lead third-place Sacramento by 1 game after Ball Sac lost to Utah last night. Next up: The Grizz host Houston on Wednesday.

NYPD erected steel barricades around Manhattan’s Criminal Court yesterday, a sign that the Trumpster might indeed be arrested today.

That’s it for now. Back tomorrow.

Sunday update

I have never been so happy to have my NCAA bracket busted!

I had Kansas going all the way to the Elite Eight, yet I did NOT root for them in yesterday’s Round of 32 matchup yesterday. I cheered for 8-seed Arkansas, who knocked off 1 Kansas 72-71 yesterday. It seemed like Kansas didn’t even try in the final 3 seconds despite being down only one.

I finished the day in 20th place out of 35 in my bracket league with a total of 30. Embarrassingly, I’m still losing to both of the main butt sluts, who are tied for 4th place with 34. The good news is, I still have a relatively high maximum possible total of 154. Six of my Elite Eight picks are still live, as are all of my Final Four.

My picks for today’s games:

  • 3 Xavier over 11 Pittsburgh – 11:10 AM, CBS
  • 3 Kansas State over 6 Kentucky – 1:40 PM, CBS
  • 2 Marquette over 7 Michigan State – 4:15 PM, CBS
  • 5 Saint Mary’s over 4 UConn – 5:10 PM, TNT
  • 6 Creighton over 3 Baylor – 6:10 PM, TBS
  • DON’T CARE – 16 Fairleigh Dickinson vs. 9 Florida Atlantic – 6:45 PM, truTV – I had neither team picked to get this far
  • DON’T CARE – 5 Miami vs. 4 Indiana – 7:40 PM, TNT – I had neither team picked to get this far
  • 3 Gonzaga over 6 TCU – 8:40 PM, TBS

The Grizzlies remain in third place in the Western Conference – but with the same record as second-place Sacramento – following their 133-119 win over Golden State last night. Next up: at home vs. Dallas on Monday. That game will be on NBA TV at 7 and it will be Hoops for St. Jude Night at FedExForum. It will also be Memphis Islamic Heritage Night.

Today is National Poultry Day. I’d recommend driving through a Jack Pirtle’s location to celebrate. The closest one to Downtown is at Thomas and Chelsea.

The Trumpster suggested he will be arrested on Tuesday and encouraged his wacko followers to protest.

From ABC 24: Watch Jeghetto’s Superheroes Puppet Parade march down Beale

There will be a hiring event at the Hard Rock on Beale from 9 to 11 AM Monday. They’re hiring for all hourly positions.

That’s it. It’s a rather slow news day. Back tomorrow, if there’s anything to report.

Saturday update

Up until 6:00 last night, my Friday March Madness bracket was perfect.

Then, thanks to 3 rounds of Jameson in rapid succession, my evening came to an early end. Friends called Get Lifted to get me home.

It’s probably just as well I missed the evening games. I’d likely have been throwing things at the TV.

My upsets didn’t come through. Providence lost. Drake lost. Kent State lost.

Also, one more team in my bracket lost, but I was happy to get that one wrong: In the East region, 1-seed Purdue lost to 16-seed Fairleigh Dickinson. It was only the second time in tournament history that a 16 seed beat a 1. It meant Memphis would have an easy path to the Sweet Sixteen, able to get there without playing a 1 seed. They just had to win their 8-9 matchup against Florida Atlantic.

Memphis lost their 8-9 matchup. FAU put in a last-second buzzer-beater to win 66-65.

So, I checked the scores on ESPN’s website this morning and thought, “My bracket is shot all to hell.” Looking at my bracket league standings, I found myself not even in the top 50%, tied for 19th out of 35 participants. And, embarrassingly, I am losing to the two main butt sluts. Butt Slut #2 is tied for first with 26 points, while Butt Slut #1 is tied for 5th with 24 points.

But it’s really not as bad as it seems because

  • At 22 points, I’m only 4 points out of first place. Games are worth 2 points starting today. So I only need 2 more wins than the field to slide into first place.
  • All of my Elite Eight teams (Alabama, Creighton, Duke, Kansas State, Kansas, UCLA, Houston, and Texas) are still alive
  • I have a max of 174 possible points given my picks and results so far. That’s actually in a one-way tie for second behind a league-leading 177. By contrast, Butt Slut #2 has a 116 point max and Butt Slut #1 has a 120 point max.
  • 11 of the 35 participants’ picks for national champion lost in the round of 64.

My picks for today’s games:

  • DON’T CARE – 5 San Diego State vs. 13 Furman – 11:10 AM, CBS – I picked 4 Virginia to be in this game and beat SDSU
  • 5 Duke over 4 Tennessee – 1:40 PM, CBS
  • 1 Kansas over 8 Arkansas – 4:15 PM, CBS
  • DON’T CARE – 15 Princeton vs. 7 Missouri – 5:10 PM, TNT – got both first-round picks wrong
  • 1 Houston over 9 Auburn – 6:10 PM, TBS
  • 2 Texas over 10 Penn State – 6:45 PM, CBS
  • 2 UCLA over 7 Northwestern – 7:40 PM, TNT
  • 1 Alabama over 8 Maryland – 8:40 PM, TBS

Today is National Corndog Day. When’s National Pronto Pup Day? That’d be better.

Today is also National Sloppy Joe Day. Okay. For my readers who ate school lunches in the Little Rock School District in the 1980s, I have a theory. I think the BBQ sandwiches (the Tuesday special) and the Sloppy Joes (the Thursday special) were the EXACT SAME THING. What say you?

It’s also Maple Syrup Saturday. Get it atop strawberry or blueberry pancakes, which I’m sure will be one of the specials at Bardog brunch today, along with a grilled pork chop, lobster omelette, chicken-n-waffles, and some kind of blackened fish. As my DAWG John D used to say, if you have them every weekend, they aren’t specials.

Frank’s RedHot is coming out with a new dill pickle hot sauce.

The Grizzlies came back from down 29 to beat San Antonio 126-120 in overtime last night. Three players dropped in 20 or more points: Jaren Jackson Jr., Desmond Bane, and Tyus Jones.

The Orpheum reveals their 2023-24 Broadway season Monday, March 27. Register to attend

Law enforcement agencies are preparing for the possibility that the Trumpster could be indicted as early as next week. The charge would be in the Manhattan Criminal Court and would involve Mr. Tangerine Man allegedly paying hush money to Stormy Daniels.

Hey, Mr. Tangerine Man, pay a bribe to me…

Clothing store Odds Atelier has reopened following several smash-and-grabs.

Strooly and Tehkal play Central Station tonight from 9 to 1.

Dillon Brooks has been fined $35,000 for shoving a cameraman.

Lifedoc’s Healthier Memphis Gala comes to 409 S. Main on Thursday, March 23.

That’s it for today. Headed out to meet my friends Randy & Theresa and (briefly) Butt Slut #1 for Bardog brunch. Back tomorrow.

St. Patrick’s Day update

Goooooooo Tigers! 9 Florida Atlantic vs. 8 Memphis, NCAA tournament first round, 8:20 PM, TNT.

Over in NBA-land, the Grizzlies make a stop in San Antonio to play the Spurs tonight at 7. TV: Bally Sports South. This is the first leg of a back-to-back; the Grizz return home Saturday to host Golden State.

Someone explain this to me: The 2022-23 Grizzlies promotional schedule lists Saturday as “Game Day presented by Pinnacle Financial Partners.” What does that mean? Do fans get anything? Or does it simply mean a sponsor spent a bit extra to get pimped out on the schedule?

Patti LaBelle plays the Orpheum Saturday night. Tickets are $54.50-$147.

Michael Grandinetti will bring magic to the Halloran Centre Thursday night. Tickets are $37.50.

And over at the Cannon Center, Jeffrey Osborne brings his Can You Woo Woo Woo Tour Saturday night.

Memphis LGBTQ+ organizations held a rally Downtown Thursday to protest incredibly stupid and homophobic legislation recently passed in Tennessee.

Lanes of I-40 will be closed at I-240 Midtown Sunday for a bridge inspection.

Yesterday SEEMED like a horrible day for my NCAA bracket. I got Virginia, Arizona, Utah State, Iowa, and Texas A&M wrong. But the damage is not that bad because

  1. I didn’t have any of those teams going beyond the Sweet Sixteen, and I only had Virginia and Arizona making it that far
  2. Everyone else in my bracket league had similar problems, so despite being in a multi-way tie for 14th place, I’m only 2 points out of first

Butt Slut #2 is in a three-way tie for first. I guess I should be happy for her, but she’s kinda on my shit list right now. When I sat at her bar Sunday, she practically printed me a handbook of rules and regulations I’m expected to follow, including

  • No burping
  • No coughing (despite being a nonsmoker in a bar that allows smoking)
  • No yawning
  • No burying my head in my phone

If she doesn’t cool it, I may have to add another rule to my handbook: No tipping.

Upsets I picked for today:

  • East: 11 Providence over 6 Kentucky
  • Midwest: 12 Drake over 5 Miami
  • Midwest: 13 Kent State over 4 Indiana

That’s it. Time to get out there and watch some basketball. Back tomorrow.