How people find this page

Been looking at my tracker, to find out how people find my blog. I had 23 hits today, which as far as I know is a record. Surprisingly, most of the hits weren’t from people in my apartment building, as I had thought. They’re from people searching on “Gloria Oliviae,” trying to figure out who the next pope will be.

Other searches that hit this page:

Various combinations of “memphis,” “downtown,” and “crawfish” – The downtown crawfish fest was yesterday, and for the record it keeps getting better as the midtown one keeps getting worse. Huge buckets of crawfish for $10, and they didn’t run out.

“Lots of bums” – probably came up ranked second on Google search, with ranked #1.

“How to make mimosas” – oh that’s funny. I guess I would know though. For the record: one part champagne, one part orange juice. This blog exists to inform.

“Motley Fool Hidden Gems” – these are people who are too cheap to subscribe to the $250-a-year newsletter, but still want to know what the picks are.

“Pimp and ho party” – someone’s probably searching for the pic of my dates to last year’s pimp and ho party, two hot girls wearing skimpy outfits. It’s on the first page of the archives. I talked to the organizer of the pimp and ho parties recently and he said the next one will happen in the fall and several downtown bars will be participating. Looking forward to it…

All right. Off to bed, because I have an exciting day of sitting in a cubicle for 8 hours ahead of me tomorrow. Yay!