Something I just thought of

For months now, I’ve heard a rumor that Emperor Bush is going to find a way to amend the Constitution or otherwise rig the election process so he can run for a third term. Up until today, I thought that would be a bad thing.

But today, as I was sitting at the Monkey drinking my champagne, I realized something. If the Constitution were amended to allow presidents to run for a third term, then Bush could face a challenge from the man who would kick his ass all over the electoral college.

Bill Clinton.

Now I could totally deal with a third Clinton term. Balanced budgets… compassion for everyone not just corporate billionaires… protection, rather than evaporation, of people’s civil rights… respect on the world stage through diplomacy rather than bullying… and I have a feeling Bill Clinton is a man who appreciates tube tops as much as I do.

Clinton in ’08! Bring it on!