Great moments in the history of the tube top

In honor of tube top month here at, it is my pleasure to present this look at one of the great moments in the history of the tube top.

The year was 1979. Hollywood, California. The game show The Price is Right was filming an episode. This was back when Bob Barker still dyed his hair, and the original Barker’s Beauties – Diane, Janice, and Holly (was Holly one of the originals? not sure) were still on the show.

But this story isn’t about them. This story is about an unsuspecting woman in an audience of maybe 250, who just thought she was there to watch a game show taping. But then the announcer told her to COME ON DOWN! And she was thrilled beyond belief. And come on down she did. And as she screamed and jumped and squealed, the tube top she was wearing came on down as well.

And that was a beautiful moment in the history of television, and the history of the tube top.