Sunday change of venue

I’m thinking about re-routing my Sunday champagne festivities back to where it all started, Sleep Out Louie’s. Since July of last year I’ve been going to the downtown Blue Monkey, but I think it’s time for a change. Nothing against the Monkey – they still have great food and great service. It’s just that anyplace is likely to get a bit boring when you go there week in, week out for almost an entire year.

And, I’m starting to miss Sleep Out’s. With their huge windows, it just feels so open and airy there. They also get quite a few girls in tube tops who come to grab lunch before heading to afternoon Redbirds games. (I don’t think I’ve ever seen a girl in a tube top in the Monkey on Sunday.) And, Sleep Out’s fried buffalo crawfish tails are really, really good.

Now, I do love the Monkey, and could never give it up entirely. So rather than going back to Sleep Out’s exclusively, I’ll probably split the two restaurants 50/50. That could mean that I go to one the first week and the other the next, or it could mean I stop at Sleep Out’s and then the Monkey in the same afternoon.

I’ll have to give my fellow drunk Terry a call and see what he thinks. But most likely I’ll be at Sleep Out’s on Sunday.