Since people get food recommendations from this blog….

Here’s one for you. This morning I ate breakfast at Blue Plate Cafe on Court Square. I got the Mexican Roll-Ups for $6.99, and it was enough food to last the rest of the weekend. Just listen to all I got

  • Two sausage, egg, onion, and pepper breakfast burritos topped with cheese
  • A side of black beans, also topped with cheese
  • Sour cream and salsa for dipping
  • Choice of biscuits with sawmill gravy or toast (I went for the biscuits)
  • Choice of hash browns, grits, or 3 buttermilk pancakes (I chose the pancakes)

I could barely finish half of it, and I’m stuffed. Enough food for two probably, and really good. If you go to the downtown Blue Plate location, get a table overlooking Court Square on the second level, and you can watch the bum-and-pigeon show going on outside while you eat. They serve breakfast all day, so people like me who arise fashionably late on the weekends don’t have to worry about missing out.