I’ve changed my mind

I’m reversing my costumes for Saturday and Sunday of Halloween weekend – I’m going to be Big Paul the pimp on Saturday the 29th and the vampire on Sunday the 30th. Saturday will likely be the day when I’m out and about more, and I can have more fun with the pimp character. I think the vampire will work better on Sunday when I’m at a friend’s private party most of the day – especially since I hear that someone who is deathly afraid of my vampire persona may be attending the same party.

We’re now within 10 days of that weekend, so I checked the long-range forecast. Intellicast is saying high 73, low 53 for Friday the 28th. If that’s the case I’ll be a little chilly on the roof in the Beer Goddess costume, but I won’t freeze.

I also just found out that the next get-together for the contemporary art collectors’ club I belong to is Friday the 28th from 5:30 to 6:00. I will probably go to that in street clothes, then go home and transform into the Beer Goddess.

Speaking of weather, the predicted high today is 91, and people in my office have sweaters on. What are they thinking? Dress for the weather, not the season. I’ve never understood that.

All right, lunch break is over, back to work.