Beer Goddess costume update

Sunday morning I went to Sleep Out’s for the usual drunken debauchery at brunch. One of the other regulars, my friend Mikey, had made me a prop for the Beer Goddess outfit – a pizza pan that had been painted to look like a serving tray. He had bolted down four plastic cups and some Flying Saucer matchbooks. He even strapped on a handle on the bottom side so I wouldn’t have to worry about dropping it.

Later in the day I went to the Saucer and purchased the last piece of the outfit – a black Beer Goddess tank top. They came in sizes small, medium, and large – needless to say, I got the large. But it certainly wasn’t a MEN’S large. This thing probably would have fit me when I was nine or ten. Nevertheless, it was made of stretchy material and I know I can work with it, so I bought it.

People’s reactions to this Halloween costume are funny. The waitresses thought it was hilarious. One of them commented, “You’re going to look hot. If I didn’t have a boyfriend I’d definitely hit on you.” DAMN! She has a boyfriend. That sucks. She had to ask the manager (male) to go get the shirt out of storage. As the manager handed it to her he had a look on his face like, “What in the world is wrong with that guy.”

Then I returned to Sleep Out’s. I showed off the Beer Goddess top (no, I wasn’t wearing it) and the serving tray to the regulars. People tipped me three dollars. Wonder if that’ll happen Friday night when I have the entire outfit on. This costume may pay for itself.

About an hour later, a neighbor of mine showed up and we returned to the Saucer to throw some darts. I joked around with another waitress and she told me I needed to do something with my hair Friday night to match the costume. She got some rubber bands and put it in pigtails, and my neighbor was absolutely appalled when I left the pigtails in as we played darts. And I held the server tray in my left hand and threw the darts with the right (all server trays should have a handle on the bottom – Mikey should patent that). And to top it all off, my neighbor got the displeasure of losing to a guy in pigtails, 3 games to 1. First time I’ve ever won a majority of the games when we’ve played.

Some people love this costume, some people hate it, but I’m going to have FUN. And good news – I just upgraded my web hosting plan from 50 MB to 1,000 MB, so I’ll have plenty of room to host Halloween pics, and I’ll have my digital camera with me all weekend.

All right. I’ve got about 5 more blog entries in my head – it’s just a matter of finding time to type them. Hopefully I’ll be back during the week with a couple more posts, and next week there will be pictures.