Let the games begin! – Thursday update

– Last-minute preparations for Halloween are complete. Today I bought makeup for the vampire costume I plan on wearing Sunday. I also stopped by the liquor store – I had run out of vodka, and that’s certainly a situation that needed to be corrected before the rooftop party tomorrow! Bought a brand called Ston which is a relatively new brand, imported from Estonia. I sampled some at a friend’s house in East Memphis last week. Good stuff – seems to be the same quality as Grey Goose, but about $12 a fifth cheaper because it doesn’t have the name recognition.

– Happy 30th birthday to my friend Kelly! Kelly is one of the most generous people I know – last Saturday I was in Tater Red’s where she works, and mentioned that I needed an apron to go with my Beer Goddess costume, so I’d have a place to store money and my camera. Five minutes later I was walking home, and she called and said she had found one for me. Her party is tomorrow night – I’ll be taking the early shift (6:30ish until 8ish or so) and then heading back to No. 10 for my building’s party.

– Here’s the website for the party I’ll likely be attending Saturday night: 450 Stonewall (although the party isn’t at that address anymore, it’s at 146 E. Butler downtown). They have pics from past years on the site, and I found a pic of my ho’s, Angie and Melanie, in the 2004 pictures.

– One of the ho’s (the blonde) will be at the No. 10 party tomorrow night.

– I’m considering giving my Big Paul the Pimp persona the year off and doing the Beer Goddess both Friday and Saturday nights. I’m not going to decide for sure until Saturday.

– Anyone know of a good photo hosting service? I’m looking at ImageStation, Photobucket, and Shutterfly right now. I have the space on my own site but it looks like my web host doesn’t have the server-side graphics software installed to generate thumbnails automatically, and that’s such a pain to do by hand that it would be well into December before I got the Halloween pics online.

– My term as an Mpact board member officially came to an end last night. They gave me a stainless steel silver paperweight in the shape of a star to commemorate my two years on the board. I’m still trying to sort out how I feel about Mpact’s restructuring, dropping the pillar system in favor of Engage/Empower/Inspire. When I figure it out I’ll write an editorial on it here in the blog.

– And we’ll wrap up this blog entry with a news item: Northwest Airlines is considering outsourcing thousands of flight attendant jobs to foreign nationals. I can just imagine a future phone conversation going something like this:

“Hello, Northwest Airlines.”

“Yes, I’d like to reserve a ticket, please.”

“Very well, sir. What is your destination?”

“Oh, it doesn’t matter. Just as long as the flight attendants are Romanian.”

– All right. It’s coming up on 10:00 in the evening. Normally that would mean it’s time to go to a bar, but tonight I’m going to bed – want to be well-rested for the weekend. I’d be very surprised if there are any more blog posts until Monday, but you never know.