Very quick Monday update

Halloween pics will be up sometime around mid-week. Haven’t had a chance to download them from the camera yet.

If you missed the Beer Goddess costume on Friday, I’ll have it on again tonight. I’ll be at Pint Night at the Saucer from about 6:30 until whenever I feel like leaving. I may stop by Bluefin’s Halloween party for a little while as well.

No. 10’s Halloween party Friday night was a blast as always. Never made it to the 450 Stonewall party on Saturday, although after viewing the pics from that party it doesn’t look like I would have known many people there.

Yesterday, dressed as a vampire I hit Sleep Out’s for brunch, then watched part of Voodoo Fest from a friend’s balcony at Echelon at the Ballpark. The park only looked about half full, although it could have got more crowded after I left around 7:30 pm.

All right, time to go be a responsible adult for 8 hours.