Plans for this weekend

Thursday 12/29: The Dempseys at the Flying Saucer. Show starts at 9:30. I plan to be there for all three sets.

I was in the Saucer Monday afternoon, and they were having a cattle-call type interview for positions at their new Cordova location, scheduled to open mid-January. I didn’t see any Romanians applying for jobs, so I doubt I’ll feel the need to visit the new Saucer.

Attn Saucer management if you’re reading this: Since you’ll probably be ordering dart boards for the Cordova location, how about ordering a couple of new ones for the downtown Saucer as well? Might be able to save on shipping if you buy ’em all at once.

Friday 12/30: South Main Trolley Art Tour. Yes, it still goes on in the winter. Come spend your Christmas cash on some art, and drink some free wine.

That reminds me – last Saturday I was in Little Rock and was wandering through the Forest Heights district, the nearest shopping district to my house there. If you like the feeling of South Main, it’s worth a trip over. Lots of art galleries and antique shops and cool clothing stores similar to Muse on South Main. There was one, on Kavanaugh Blvd. called Attitudes and Latitudes, where as soon as I walked in they said, “Would you like a beer, or a margarita?” They sell men’s and women’s clothing and have mannequins with a parrot’s and a toucan’s head. They told me they’re having a Parrothead party the second Thursday in January, and that in general they have happy hour “Thursdays, and whenever else we feel like it.” The attitude of downtown Memphis, 140 miles away.

Saturday 12/31 (New Year’s Eve): As of the moment, absolutely NO plans. And that’s just fine with me. I’m not a big fan of New Year’s Eve: high cover charges, crowds everywhere, traffic jams, drunks who have to be loud and belligerent to convince themselves that they’re “partying.” I’m not saying I WON’T go out if someone contacts me with a fun idea for the evening; but I am saying I don’t feel like I NEED to go out. Because the REAL party starts on

Sunday 1/1 with a bottle of champagne at Sleep Out’s. Maybe 2 bottles. There will likely also be stops at the Saucer and the Tap Room at some point during the day.

Monday 1/2: Sleep, wonderful sleep! Then Pint Night at the Saucer and at Dan McGuinness.

And those are the plans. Sorry this blog entry isn’t more entertaining, but I’m exhausted. If you know of anything fun going on this weekend that I don’t know about, drop me an e-mail.