Hiatus (not from blogging)

I’ve decided to take a one-week hiatus, starting tomorrow, from much of my usual routine: brunch at Sleep Out’s on Sunday, trivia at the Flying Saucer on Tuesday, etc. Part of it is that I have some personal business I want to take care of. Part of it is that by not going out, I’ll save up some Christmas money.

And part of it is that I want to experience what it’s like to not have a routine. I want to experience waking up at 10:00 on Sunday morning and not thinking, “I HAVE to get up and get to brunch,” and rolling over and going back to sleep and at some point later getting up and exploring what else there is to do on Sunday.

I want to experience coming home from work on Tuesday and not thinking, “I HAVE to get ready to go out to trivia night,” and enjoying having an extra weekday night to do whatever I want to do.

Many people are comforted by routines. I hate them. And I feel like my life is becoming more routine than I want it to. So I’m going to shake things up a bit.

I’ll likely be back at brunch and trivia night the week after, or at most the week after that.

And there is one place you can definitely count on finding me on Sunday. Tonight I took a walk after work, and as I walked past downtown Huey’s I saw this coming Sunday’s musical lineup on the board. From 8 to 12: The Dempseys. I’ll definitely be there for that!

My hiatus will not extend to blogging, so you can still count on new material from me in the coming week.

Tube Top 101

It’s time to write a post about one of my favorite topics… tube tops.

Last week one of my blog’s regular readers decided that she’d be adventurous and wear a tube top in public for the first time. Now, it so happened that last week she had a date, and a girls’ night out.

Quiz: If you had both of those activities planned for the same week, would you wear the tube top on the

A) date
B) girls’ night out

If you said B), congratulations, you think like a woman. But it’s the wrong answer, so you failed the quiz.

If any of my readers work at women’s clothing stores, here’s an idea: Orientation classes for tube top purchasers. This would also be a way to generate additional sales. Once you’ve explained that tube tops are an example of dressing for men, not women, you can then sell them an additional $150 top (of the non-tube variety) to wear on girls’ night. And maybe you can tack on another $150 for one of those godawful sequin purses that women think are in style this year. Not a bad idea, huh?

(Wednesday morning update) Have just been informed that the girls got a free round of drinks sent to their table at their girls’ night out. The tube top wearer credits her outfit, and she’s absolutely correct.

Wedding gift: problem solved

Today I was opening my mail. There was a wedding invitation from friends of mine who are getting married in Israel in May, and then having a reception here in June. I thought to myself, what am I going to get them for a wedding gift? I’m not particularly wedding-minded myself so I’m always terrible at picking out wedding-related gifts.

And as I was thinking about it, I picked up the rest of my mail. An ad fell out. “Give the gift of great food!” it said. It was an ad for Sonic gift cards. Problem solved! That sounds like a great wedding gift. Sometimes the universe has a way of giving you what you’re looking for.

Only trouble is, they read this blog so it won’t be a surprise. Oh well, life isn’t perfect.