E-mail problems, and web hosting

If anyone is trying to send me e-mail today, you might want to copy my backup address, paul.ryburn at gmail dot com, in addition to my main address, paul at paulryburn dot com. My web host, EZPublishing, seems to be having trouble with their mail servers. I’ve been sending myself test messages this morning and not getting them back. This is the third time this is happened in a month (in the previous two cases, I’ve received the messages hours or days later).

I’m thinking about moving the two domains I own, paulryburn.com and memphiswallpaper.com, to a new hosting service. I also plan on registering a third domain later this month (more on that soon). Anyone got any good recommendations for web hosting services? I know that one of my consulting clients uses GoDaddy.com. Does anyone have good or bad feedback on them?

Sorry for the lack of updates this week. I’ve been busy with both work and personal projects. The personal projects are exciting and you’ll be hearing about them soon.