Deal of the Week

This week, I have a Deal for you on external hard drives. If you’re running out of space on your computer and need to pick up some additional storage at a bargain price, this is the week to do it. External hard drives also allow you to share large amounts of data between computers, if you do your work on more than one machine. A friend of mine pretty much runs his small business off one of these external drives.

If portability is the key – the ability to pack up your drive in a laptop case and carry it with you on the road – check out the 60 GB Western Digital external USB 2.0 portable hard drive, found on the back page of this week’s Best Buy ad circular. $60 in instant savings drop this week’s price to $99.99, and there are no rebate forms to fill out. Reviews on praise this drive for being super-easy to install, and for not requiring an additional power source for most computers (it draws its power from the USB connection).

If you don’t need to be able to carry your external drive around with you on a regular basis, you may prefer to take a look at the Seagate 100 GB external hard drive, on the front page of this week’s Office Max ad. This drive offers 40 GB more space for $20 cheaper ($79.99), and is also USB 2.0 compatible. The downside is that its design is more boxy, making this drive slightly less easy to transport.

Whatever your need, this is a good week to pick up some external storage for your files. Back next week with another Deal.