Late Thursday evening update

Summer weather is here. The high was 82 today and it’s only dropping to the 60s tonight… I love it because that means I can run my air conditioner all night. Some people look forward to being able to open their windows and doors in the spring and let nature in, but honestly I look forward more to turning on the A/C. I keep blankets and comforters on my bed year ’round and turn the air down to 68 in the summer months… that makes for the best sleeping. Of course, as a tree-hugging liberal I guess I should try harder to conserve energy, but I’m willing to compromise moral values when it comes to air conditioning.

Speaking of summer… it’s rooftop time! Looking forward to hanging out with the neighbors on No. 10 Main’s roof. Of course, some of the best neighbors are gone, like the chef who cooked gourmet meals for us on the grills, and the cute blonde who sunbathed in bikinis. But it’s time to make new friends. Gotta go out this weekend and get some bottles of wine in the house to share. If you have any good wine recommendations let me know (particularly wines that come in 1.5 L magnums – the regular 750 ml bottles don’t last long on No. 10’s roof)

It’s also rooftop time for the hotels… the Peabody’s rooftop parties start next Thursday, April 6. However, it will be the 13th before I get there, because I’ll be in Midtown at Side Street Grill attending a friend’s birthday party on the 6th. Not sure when the Madison parties start.

Rumor has it that Memphis may get a Whole Foods Market soon. Whole Foods is an organic foods supermarket, a competitor to Wild Oats but much, much better. Midtown or East Memphis are likely locations.

Belly dance teacher Sadiia will be giving an introductory class at Jack Robinson Gallery tomorrow night during Trolley Tour. Class is $8 and starts at 7:30. It’s on the gallery’s second floor – gallery is located on Huling between Front and Main. When I taught at the U of M a couple of my students danced in Sadiia’s troupe, and I know it brought a lot of expression and fulfillment to their lives.

The Corkscrew will be giving a free wine tasting at Alice’s Saturday from 1 to 3:30. Free wine is not to be passed up, and as I said I need to buy some bottles anyway, so I might actually make the transition from moocher to customer. The Corkscrew/Alice’s are located next to the empty pit that used to be the Blue Monkey on South Front.

There’s an art opening Saturday night that sounds interesting… “mFAC 001,” located in a former medicine factory at 85 W. Virginia. The 15 exhibiting artists have pieces on display specifically designed to fit in with the theme of a medicine factory. Even though they didn’t use the magic words (“free alcohol”) I may show up.

Libertyland update… the Mayor’s Office has received an offer from the people who run Magic Springs in Hot Springs, AR to keep the park going. However, the Mid-South Fair Board has refused to turn over basic info about the park’s revenues, attendance, and on-site assets to the City Attorney’s Office. This information is needed for any serious inquiry. Sounds like the Fair Board is impeding progress and standing in the way of the public will.

Remember, it’s important that we support Libertyland, because LIBERTYLAND HIRES RO… never mind, I’ve mentioned them enough in this blog recently. And now that I think about it, I’m mad at the two girls, because before they went home they both said they would e-mail me pictures of their hometown. Almost six months later and no pics yet. Not that it does any good to complain about it here – it’s not like anyone from Romania ever reads this blog.

We have a new bum downtown (actually he’s not that new) who sings at the top of his lungs. He’s on the street singing right now and I can hear him 13 stories up, with all the windows closed. I feel sorry for the people who live on lower floors and have earlier bedtimes than I do (it’s 11:24 pm as I type this).

(Cell phone rings)
“Hey Paul, who’s working the Tap Room tonight?”
“Uh, let’s see… it’s Thursday, should be Niles.”
“Okay, thanks, bye.”
That’s probably a sign that I spend too much time in bars, when people call me to find out which bartender is working.

11:52 pm: Took a break to proofread this post and brush my teeth. The bum is still outside singing. Time for bed. Maybe the noise of the A/C unit will drown him out and allow me to get some sleep.