Go Clippers!

Memphis Grizzlies vs. Los Angeles Clippers, tomorrow night at 7:30 at the FedExForum. Whoever wins will be the #5 seed in the Western Conference playoffs. That puts me in the unusual position of rooting against my hometown team, because I want to see Memphis lose and fall to #6. That would put us up against the Denver Nuggets (44-36) in the playoffs. If we win and go in as #5 we get the Dallas Mavericks (60-21).

I left an event off my recent event calendar post: The Beale Street Wine Race will be Sunday, April 30 in the afternoon. Teams from various bars and restaurants compete in contests. I overheard “they’re trying to not make such a big deal about the nudity this year,” which makes me think I’ll have to show up. That means I’ll have three weeks in a row (Crawfish Fest, Wine Race, Music Fest) where I have to skip my usual Sunday ritual at Sleep Out’s. No bottle of champagne. I may stop by for one bloody mary, but that’s it.

I came home this afternoon to find that the weather monitor on my computer (which gets its readings from AutoZone Park) displayed a temperature of 93. 93 is a normal high for the last week of July, the hottest part of the year in Memphis.

Too sleepy to type any more… this is going to have to be a short one. I’ll probably be at the Saucer tomorrow night for trivia, although I’ll have to fight the Redbirds and Grizzlies crowds for a good seat.