Early Thursday evening drunk post

– I was on my way to the Peabody rooftop party, but I had half a magnum (1.5 L bottle) of chardonnay left and drank and it and never left my own rooftop. Therefore, you get a drunk post this evening.

– I’ll still make the Dempseys 9:30 show at the Saucer though. Unless I pass out first.

– I found a great shirt this evening: It’s a T-shirt from Target that says “i’m really excited to be here.” I’m considering wearing it to every Peabody rooftop party the rest of this season.

– So I work for the city schools now. Today I was walking the halls of the school board building and I noticed the following sign hanging prominently above the entrance: “Read at least two books a month, 25 in a year!” Great, a run-on sentence that teaches our children about multiplication. No wonder our schools are in such great shape.

– Also, as I walked around I passed a bulletin board where various notices were posted. There were a total of 24 thumbtacks holding these notices up. Six of them (25%) were holding up notices reading, “Please Do Not Remove Thumb Tacks.” The school system in a nutshell.

– Random comment I heard while at work yesterday: “It was the Easter Bunny who rolled away the stone covering the crypt that was Jesus’ tomb.” You learn something new every day.

– The University of Memphis’ campus paper, the Daily Helmsman, has an online edition with a link where you can rate your professor. I checked out some ratings of people I know there… There’s a local classical guitarist/professor who is considered a goddess/diva by most Memphians… but apparently her students don’t agree… quite interesting. Check it out af you know who I mean.

– I gotta admit, this thing would have worried me had it been around when I was teaching. If you have one bad day as a teacher the details could become public knowledge for all eternity, especially if you have students with a vendetta. One time I had a morning class that averaged 59% on a test (my afternoon class averaged 80, so it wasn’t that I made the test too hard). I went in and handed the tests back and told them, “The class average was an F. I’m not curving. The other class made an 80. You just didn’t try. Some of you need to think about whether you’re willing to put in the effort needed to pass this class, and if not, drop.” I got KILLED on the student evals that semester from that class. If RateYourProfessor had been around then, anything I said – any little quirk (and I had plenty) – would have been posted on the site for all to see. Glad I quit in the ’90s.

– One of my students wrote “dresses very unprofessionally” on the eval. That’s the one I’m the most proud of, of the entire 5 years I taught. (I tended to wear shorts to work every day from March to November, and sometimes even in the winter months when warm.)

– For those of you who check this blog for news about Romania, here’s the forecast: Hot. Very hot.

– Oops, sorry, that’s the forecast for the girls in Romania. The forecast for the weather in Romania is partly cloudy with a high of 19C (67F) in the capital of Bucharest, 18C (65F) in the mountain city of Brasov, and cooler with rain in the Moldavian city of Iasi.

– Plans for the next two weeks:

Fri 4/21: If the new place is open downtown, go there, then the Saucer/Beale Street
Sat 4/22: Venus Envy at Glasshouse 383
Sun 4/23: Rajun Cajun Crawfish Fest on the river, then to the Saucer to watch the Memphis/Dallas playoff game at 8:30
Tue 4/25: Kick some trivia ass with the Rapscallions
Thur 4/27: Peabody rooftop, unless I get sidetracked again
Fri 4/28: South Main Trolley Art Tour
Sun 4/30: Wine Race on Beale Street
Tue 5/2: More trivia ass-kicking.
Thur 5/4: Madison rooftop party with The Dempseys
Fri 5/5-Sun 5/7: Memphis in May Music Fest. Not going in, of course, but hanging out on Beale, which is infinitely more fun.

Right now: Go have one more glass of wine on the roof, then hit the Saucer.