Couple more pics, and a digital camera alert

Here are a couple more pics I’ve snapped recently. Click on the pics for their full-size image. I didn’t downsize these at all, so the full-size pics are about a megabyte each.

Last weekend, the Budweiser Clydesdales were in town for the Redbirds’ opening weekend. This is a pic of them going down Second Street, taken from the window of the Flying Saucer.

This is a sunset pic, snapped last night from the rooftop of No. 10 Main.

Camera alert: My new web host has photo album software (Coppermine, for those of you who do web development) that I’m itching to try out, and I’ve been looking for an event where I can go out and snap a lot of pics. Looks like we’ve got three such events coming our way the next three weeks – Crawfish Fest, Wine Race, and Music Fest (although, as I’ve said previously, I won’t be going in the festival itself). So if you go to any of those, you’ll probably see me out taking pictures.

Looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day outside. I may have to walk down to Beale Street at some point this afternoon for a slurpee, and then tonight I’ll be at the Venus Envy art show at Glasshouse 383.