I just voted. Have YOU voted yet?

Only 2 more days to early vote in the city and county primaries. You can vote at the Election Commission office at Second and Poplar, or at satellite locations elsewhere around town. Or you could wait until election day (May 2), but why would you want to stand in line when you don’t have to?

One last plug, if you’re voting in the Democratic Primary: Kevin Gallagher for Criminal Court Clerk. Even though I usually take liberal viewpoints, I voted for Kevin because I’m convinced he’ll tighten things up and save the taxpayers money, which sounds to me like I’m voting for him for conservative reasons.

I didn’t vote for a candidate in the Shelby County sheriff’s primary, because I was voting on the Democratic ballot, and I intend to support incumbent/Republican Mark Luttrell when the general election arrives. He’s done a great job cleaning up the jail during his current term. Some people have criticized him for focusing too much on the jail and not enough on crime, but this being Memphis we could elect Superman sheriff and not have both the jail and crime cleaned up in just one term. Give Luttrell some time, let him carry out his programs.

And, of course, I voted to give AC another term as county mayor.

As the Ophelia Ford mess proved, every vote counts. So please stop by the polls tonight, tomorrow, Thursday, or May 2.