Put this one on the calendar for Saturday night – should be a GREAT event

There’s going to be a Scavengers’ Ball at the Butler Street Bazaar, Saturday night April 29 from 9:00 until 2:00. This is the first time I’ve heard about any event at the Bazaar in almost two years. If you’ve never been to a party at the Bazaar, you ought to check this out – they always draw a diverse, eclectic crowd and have a wide array of entertainment. $10 cover, and for $10 more you get all you can drink, so they’re speaking the language of downtowners. Furthermore, for another $10 you can scavenge. Not exactly sure what that means, but according to the announcement in the Center City Commission’s weekly bulletin they have a warehouse filled with furniture, books, clothing, building supplies, and kitchenware, and I’m guessing the scavenging might have something to do with that.

The great thing about parties at the Bazaar is the diversity in entertainment, and this one appears to be no exception. They’ll have comedy, juggling, film screenings, a silent auction, and bands. The bands are listed as the Gamble Brothers and the Dempseys, according to the CCC’s bulletin – but I checked the Dempseys’ website and this event is not listed, and they are listed as playing an event in Oxford at 5 pm that day. If anyone can confirm or deny that they’ll be there, let me know. This event, however, is worth going to, Dempseys or no Dempseys. It benefits Hope House, so it’s for a good cause as well. (Edited at 1:50 pm to add: Brad from the Dempseys just e-mailed me back. They WILL be at the show.)

The only thing that makes me sad about this event is that I won’t be able to walk down the street to the Monkey and pop in for a drink, like I was able to do for previous Bazaar events in 2003-2004. Earnestine & Hazel’s is still there though. Looks like I may be doing some sitting at Nate’s upstairs bar Saturday night. Whew… with the crawfish party at the Saucer in the early afternoon and the Grizzlies game in the late afternoon, Saturday is beginning to look like a very full day.

The Bazaar is at 11 W. Butler in the South Main district. To get to it, go south on Front Street. Turn right on the street just before the light at GE Patterson (where the Corkscrew is). Drive up that street like you’re heading toward the Lofts and the Tennessee Brewery, and you’ll see a warehouse on the right – that’s the Bazaar.

HIGHLY recommended event. I hope to see you there.