A good local blog, and Blogger templates

This morning I was surfing around and came across a really good Memphis blog – Dining with Monkeys, written by a Memphis mom who dines at local restaurants with her husband and two kids, and writes reviews. Well-written and worth checking out for some tips on where to eat.

I liked her unique blog template, which I could tell wasn’t one of the standard templates you can choose when creating a Blogger blog. As I scrolled through her site, I found that the template was created by Baby Jane Blogs, who will design a custom template for you. Check out Baby Jane’s portfolio – she’s done some really nice work. And her prices are EXTREMELY reasonable – $85 for full design, $90 for new blog setup with full design.

Her work is so good that I’m considering having her design a custom template for me. Although, since I’m a web developer myself it feels a little bit odd to pay someone else to design a template. But if she can do it better, faster, and more creatively, why not… I’m going to give this one some thought.

On a related note… if anyone in the Memphis area is an expert on creating Blogger templates and would be willing to give me a lesson or two, I’d happily pay whatever hourly consulting rate you ask. This is something I’ve been trying to learn for a while, but because I’m being pulled in a million different directions I’ve never been able to concentrate on it. I need a jump-start and sometimes personal tutoring is the best way to make that happen. E-mail me if you’re interested.