Saturday update: Bazaar pazaarty update, Majestic, and more

So last night I hit the South Main Trolley Tour with the Most Annoying Woman On The Planet, and get this… she wasn’t annoying. She showed up on time, she didn’t bring her damn dog or some random doofus she met at a bar, and we actually had a really good time talking about what’s going on in our lives. I guess I’m going to have to give her a new nickname.

Trolley Tour tip: The places that put out the best free food and wine are not the art galleries. They’re the real estate offices that are trying to sell you a condo downtown. So go to those places first and fill up. And I have absolutely NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER pretending to be interested in a condo for 15 minutes while I pig out and down several glasses of wine. And if there’s a tip jar, I don’t leave a tip. Those condo people are making more than enough money off downtowners already.

After Trolley Tour, we walked to the Majestic to eat. I had the asian-spiced, tempura-fried onion rings with horseradish dip. They were ENORMOUS and I finished maybe a quarter of them. This would be a good appetizer for two or three people to share. My friend had the cornmeal-crusted, crispy calamari with red pepper basil aioli, and she liked it as well. Both appetizers were a value at $6 each.

More info about tonight’s party at the Butler Street Bazaar (scroll down to the previous blog entry if you haven’t read about it already)…

…for a $10 fee on top of the $10 party cover you can “scavenge.” This is the Bazaar’s swan song (Brett has sold the building) and he’s trying to get rid of everything inside – chairs, lamps, mattresses, carpet, cabinet, lockers, cabinets, desks, etc. For the $10 fee you’re welcome to take as much as you want home. Now that’s a deal! So if you’re looking for some inexpensive stuff for your home, I suggest your arrive right at 9 (before everything gets picked over) and bring a truck or van.

This is going to make for some interesting people-watching tonight as well. When you give Memphians the opportunity to get stuff for free or nearly-free, a very interesting cast of characters tend to show up. I can see people yelling, arguing with each other, playing tug-of-war with items they both want. The good news is, this will all be over by 9:30 when everything in the Bazaar is picked over, and then the party can really begin.

In addition to the Dempseys, the Gamble Brothers, juggling, and comedy, I found out they’ll also be showing the film Automusik Can Do No Wrong, starring the local avant-garde band Automusik. If you haven’t seen this film, you gotta… it is completely hilarious.

Now, I know that some people will have a schedule conflict tonight because a well-known semi-annual party is happening in Midtown. Here’s my take on it… if you want to be seen on the Memphis social circuit and maybe get your pic in RSVP magazine, go to Midtown. If you want to laugh and have fun and have a good time with a diverse group of wonderful people, go to the Bazaar tonight.

Don’t forget… crawfish and beer (and waitresses!) at the Saucer today at 2, and Grizzlies vs. Dallas at 4:30.