New language invented – right here in Downtown Memphis!

If you had been fortunate enough to walk down the Main Street Mall about 10 this morning, you would have heard the following:

“Ruh. Yeah. Alco… Huh. Pow. Eat. Yeah. Rah. Some… You. Roh. Roh. What. Me. Talk. Hey. Rohroh. It. See. Yeah. Sir. Ineeda… Me. Me. Huh. Huh! It’s… Ruh. Ruh… Here. The. Look. Hah. Roh…”

These were the words of linguistic master and downtown resident Toothless Crackhead, who has invented a brand new language. Looking incredibly sharp in his ripped, stained white T-shirt, TC was inventing new words as he walked down the street slobbering. Currently, TC is the only one who speaks this new language, but that’s fine since he was having a conversation with himself.

It remains to be seen if his new language will catch on and replace English as the mother tongue here in the United States, but at any rate, we should feel fortunate to have such an impressive linguist in our city.