I’m too tired to write much, so here’s a link to another good blog to read

This weekend I happened upon one of the funniest blogs I have ever read… so, yeah., written by my friend Charly who lives here in Memphis. Interesting fact I learned about her while reading her blog: She wipes her ass with kitchen napkins when she runs out of toilet paper. Oh, and I learned that she spells “Charly” with a “y” and not an “ie.” Anyway, check it out if you’re looking for something to read… she writes what she feels and doesn’t give a damn if it pisses people off, and I respect that.

Blah… I started to type a weekend wrap-up, but I’m just too tired. I think I’ll walk down to the Majestic and sit at the bar and watch the Grizzlies game. Maybe I’ll make another post later tonight, but don’t count on it.

Go read Charly’s blog… and don’t forget to vote tomorrow, if you didn’t early-vote already… and if you vote in the Democratic primary, vote for Kevin Gallagher for Criminal Court Clerk.