Semi-drunk post: Lamb riblets, cheap wine, and more

– Today I was reading a recap of WWE Monday Night Raw on one of the pro wrestling sites, and I came across one of the best euphemisms for defecation that I’ve ever heard. The guy said he missed the wrestling legends/classic footage portion of the show because he had to go “drop a deuce.” Heh… dropping a deuce… I like that.

– Anyone remember Sylvester “Deuce” Ford who played basketball for the U of M about 10 years ago?

– After work I went to get my hair cut in the South Main district, and afterward I stopped by that new American Apparel store at Main and GE Patterson. It confirmed my suspicion… that place sells the most boring clothes I have ever seen. Anyone who goes there thinking it’s something like Urban Outfitters is going to be sorely disappointed. Yawn.

– So two of my neighbors and I went to the Rendezvous tonight, and one of my neighbors recommended that I try the lamb riblets. Now, naturally I was leaning toward the pork ribs, but then I thought… wait, I’ll be at BBQ Fest the next 3 days, stuffing myself with pork ribs. Why not try something different? So I ordered the riblets. They were pretty good – a little bit chewier than the pork, but quite tasty nevertheless, especially with the Rendezvous’ hot BBQ sauce.

– ATTN PAM: Is that a pic of you in a tube top on your MySpace profile? Can’t tell because the pic is so small.

– So after we ate, my neighbors and I walked home, and as we went down Monroe we passed two hot babes heading into LoLo’s Table. So I rode the elevator upstairs with my neighbors, said goodbye, then promptly rode back down and went to LoLo’s. They were having Wine Wednesday there – every Wednesday, they feature two wines, one red and one white, for $12 a bottle or $4 a glass. That’s a really good deal. Think I’m going to have to hit LoLo’s next Wednesday, although it would probably help to have another person to go with since an entire bottle of wine might be a bit much by myself.

– All right, time to go get rested up for BBQ Fest tomorrow. I have a feeling I may spend part of the evening trying to avoid The Most Annoying Woman On The Planet, who is trying to insinuate herself into my circle of friends. Maybe she’ll bring her damn dog and be refused admission. Maybe there’ll be a Korean BBQ team who will barbecue the damn dog. Anyway… time for bed. See you tomorrow, and I’m still accepting tent invitations, by the way.