Wednesday update: trivia, politics, cartoons, and wine

I’m at Otherlands in Midtown, using their Wi-Fi to do a lunch hour blog post. First time I’ve been in here in a while… they’ve really improved this place. They got rid of the gift shop and converted the whole thing into seating. Cool!

Hang on, here’s e-mail. “A friend posted a new comment about you on MySpace.” And because I’m not at work and therefore outside the city schools’ goddamn content filter, I can actually log into MySpace and read the comment. Again, cool!

Ah… my MySpace friend sent me a pic. Let’s post it:

If you’ve seen my victory dance upon winning NTN Trivia games at Sleep Out’s recently, you’ll understand the appropriateness of this image.

Speaking of trivia… The Flying Saucer has finally upgraded its Tuesday night trivia prizes. Before, there was one $25 gift certificate, and second and third place got whatever assorted crap the beer distributors dumped on the Saucer (T-shirts, glasses, etc.) Now they’re doing it right… $50 gift certificate for first place, $25 for second, and $10 for third. That’s what Mulligan’s has always done, except I rarely go to Mulligan’s trivia because they don’t have waitresses in miniskirts and the place just generally sucks. Anyway, the Rapscallions broke their losing streak last night, placing third and picking up the $10 certificate. That brings our grand total to $135.

However, we’re going to need to schedule that party sooner than we thought – the certificates now expire three months from date of issue, rather than a year. That means we have until August 23 at the latest. I recommend that we wait until early July or later though, to give us time to add a couple of $50s to the pile, and to see if the Saucer makes any interesting waitress hiring decisions around that time.

Before going to trivia, I attended a private party at The Majestic to celebrate their grand opening. Free food, free booze, and a big band playing upstairs. I tried a strawberry basil martini, and spent a while talking to the chef, who has done personal chef work for a couple of the Grizzlies.

A friend of mine recommends the following Majestic dish: Grilled pork tenderloin with sugar glazed carrots and onions for $14. Portions tend to be large for the entrees, so order this one when you’re hungry.

Also at the Majestic, another friend and I discussed doing something for Steve Cohen, who is running for Congress. I volunteered for one of Cohen’s campaigns about 10 years ago and have always admired his integrity and persistence. We want to do something to rally support for him among downtowners. If anyone wants to help plan this shoot me an e-mail.

After I left trivia night, I walked to the Tap Room, where Maurice always has good TV on. I discovered a new show on the Cartoon Network called The Oblongs which is pretty funny. It’s about a family who lives near a toxic swamp. It comes on at 10 PM Central time.

New Memphis blog worth bookmarking: Memphis Wine Events. Not affiliated with any one particular group, it’s simply a resource to keep Memphians informed of wine-related events around town.

Two of the three links in this post won’t make it through the city schools’ content filter. I’ve already checked. Only the Cohen link will make it. Memphis Wine Events is hosted on Blogspot, and the filter thinks all Blogspot blogs contain objectionable material. The filter doesn’t like The Oblongs because it’s on a network that shows “adult” shows.

On the other hand, MY blog gets through the content filter just fine. Welcome, kids! Be sure to come back next week for the beginning of Tube Top Month!

Plans for the rest of this week:

Thursday night – Peabody rooftop

Friday night – South Main Trolley Art Tour

Saturday – It’s Sunset Symphony but I most likely won’t make plans. I’ll just show up on the roof and see which of my neighbors are there to hang out with.

Sunday – Sit at Kimberley’s bar at Sleep Out’s and drink champagne-flavored orange juice and play NTN Trivia and do my victory dance. I’ll be there around 11:00, most likely.

Monday – Memorial Day, which probably will turn into a bonus Sunday unless I come up with alternate plans.

And now, back for an exciting afternoon of sitting in a cubicle. Whoopee. I got an e-mail from a First Tennessee employee – they call their cubicles “loser cruisers” over there. Have a good afternoon everybody….