Another pic

After my picture-taking success yesterday, I decided to take another pic. This time I decided to photograph myself in one of the outfits I wear to Raiford’s. Then I photoshopped out the white background so it wouldn’t look like I was posing against my bedroom wall.

Raiford’s is a great place to go dance. Raiford’s is a great place to see tube tops. Raiford’s is a great place to watch people wearing tube tops dance, and hope that the tube tops don’t stay up.

All right – I want to get a few more pictures, to totally capture my life downtown:

  • A pic of me holding a mimosa and sitting next to my champagne bucket at Sleep Out’s on Sunday
  • A pic of me holding a 34 oz. Big Foot Beer
  • A pic of me holding my mug at the Tap Room
  • A pic of me holding a can of PBR at the Black Diamond
  • A pic of me at the Saucer. The Saucer beer glasses aren’t very interesting (except for the ones they sell on “Buy the Beer, Waste Money on the Glass” night, but I never buy those). So I guess I’ll have to get a pic of me posing with one or more waitresses. Actually, I already have such a pic (from last year, with the Romanians), but it’s a horrible pic of me.

I got to hear Mike Heidingsfield, president/CEO of the Memphis Shelby Crime Commission, speak at a luncheon today. Afterward I talked with him for a while and we agreed to arrange a meeting to talk about ways his organization and Residents for a Safer Downtown Memphis can work together. In the near future I’ll write a news update on the RSDM website hitting the high points of his talk.

Tonight I’ll be at the Saucer once again, leading my trivia team the Rapscallions to victory. I’m actually considering sticking to Abita Root Beer tonight, because I’m feeling exhausted and I want a night to detox and get a good night’s sleep. Have a good evening everyone…