Fireworks and other weekend notes

Every now and then, you get to touch the life of a fellow human being. Let me explain… I still have not uncovered the identity of elusive MySpace legend Master Polo. So I went in and changed my MySpace profile, promoting him to #1 on my list of “Top Friends.” I also added a “Who I’d like to meet” section to the profile and listed, “Master Polo, waitresses from Romania.”

A few days later Master Polo left a comment on my MySpace page: “You have made one of my dreams a reality. For this I cannot thank you enough.”

And he SHOULD be pleased. For me to give someone top billing ahead of the Romanians… that’s a high honor indeed.

Oh well. I may not have met Master Polo, but at least I’ve met Master Polo II. Master Polo II was wearing a tube top when I met her. Master Polo II looks good in a tube top. I don’t think I’d want to see the original Master Polo in a tube top.

And that concludes the “inside jokes/comments that 95% of my readers don’t understand or care about” section of the post. Now, let’s see what’s going on this weekend.

Trying to decide if I can deal with the Peabody rooftop crowd tonight. Deep Shag is playing and they’re usually pretty good. I think a couple of my neighbors will be up there chasing women, so I’ll have people to hang out with. On the other hand, I may skip the rooftop and go to Beale Street. I can get a beer in my mug at the Tap Room and watch all the cute girls in cowboy hats walk by on their way to Country on Beale.

Tomorrow is the South Main Trolley Art Tour. I mention this just about every month in my blog, but since I’ve picked up significant new readership recently, let’s run through the basics again.

1) All the art galleries in the South Main district open from 6 to 9 PM the last Friday of every month.

2) Many of the galleries put out FREE ALCOHOL!!!!!!! Wine, beer, etc. Gestures usually has good punch or some other mixed drink, so be sure to check them out.

3) This is NOT an event when it pays to be fashionably late. If you show up at 8:30 the galleries will have run out of free alcohol.

4) It’s called the “trolley” tour but no one actually rides the trolley from gallery to gallery. They walk. The trolley is free from Linden to GE Patterson during trolley tour, but still, no one rides it. Actually, a couple of new businesses which are on the Main Street Mall, about 3/4 of a mile north, open up for trolley tour – Dr.Bob and Shelton Clothiers. I wish they’d extend the free trolley as far north as Madison. Then it would actually make sense to ride it. Dr.Bob is showing a new movie about Hurricane Katrina tomorrow night, by the way.

5) If you see anything you like in the galleries, buy it to show your support. If you don’t see anything you like or can afford, at least tell a few friends about the galleries you like best.

Let’s move on and talk about fireworks! On Monday, July 3, there will be a Red, White, and Blues Celebration with fireworks at Tom Lee Park. Oh, and American Idol star Gideon McKinney will be singing, whoever the hell he is. I’m trying to decide whether I will watch the fireworks from my rooftop or actually go down to the park. Going down there would be more fun if I had a cute girl to sit on a blanket and snuggle with. Why don’t I ever have girlfriends? I need to spend less time blogging and more time getting my game on.

The Redbirds will have their fireworks Tuesday, July 4. Game against Nashville starts at 6:40, with fireworks to follow.

There will also be fireworks at Shelby Farms on Saturday, July 1, for those of you who prefer to watch fireworks at an East Bumblefuck location.

The Memphis Farmers Market (Saturday, 7 AM to 1 PM). One of this week’s themes is “Fireworks Safety Day.” I guess they’re more or less admitting that everyone disregards the ordinance banning fireworks within the city limits.

The annual St.Peter’s Picnic will be this Sunday at St.Peter’s Villa, Poplar at McLean, from 2 to 8 PM. Although I doubt I’ll make it (Sunday is Sleep Out’s/brunch day), this is usually a fun event if you’re looking for something to do. Kevin and Beth Paige will supply the music, and there will be burgers, hot dogs, and a spaghetti dinner. You can also register to win a Saturn Vue. The Picnic tends to draw a lot of politicians on election years. Good opportunity to meet them personally and find out what they stand for.

Reminds me, last night Steve Cohen told me he reads my blog. WOOOHOOO! Someone IMPORTANT reads my blog! Actually, two important people, since Master Polo II is a blog reader as well.

Sure enough, I was the only person at Mpact’s After Hours in shorts last night. On a sunny rooftop in 91-degree heat. People had freakin’ ties on. A couple of them were even wearing suits. I continue to believe I’m the only one in that organization with any damn common sense.

Congratulations to my friends The Dempseys, who will get to play for Crawford, Texas’ Village Idiot and Japan’s Rock-and-Roll Prime Minister tomorrow when they visit Memphis. Drummer Ron Perrone says they’re going to try to get the Japanese prime minister, who is a big Elvis fan, on stage to sing with them. Congratulations to Ron for something else too – he’s about to become a father.

Attn local strip clubs: I’m pleased to see that you’ve taken my suggestion that you hire models to pose for your Memphis Flyer ads, rather than using the skanks who dance in your clubs. However… I meant, hire FEMALE models. From the looks of this week’s ads, it looks like some of you misunderstood and hired drag queens.

And that’ll do it for today’s post. Remember, I will be posting a MAJOR announcement tomorrow, so be sure to drop by.