New 38103 shirt

Many of you have seen me wearing a “38103” T-shirt around town from time to time. (38103 is the downtown zip code.) Well, my friend Ryan came up with a new design last night, and gave me a shirt in exchange for a mention in the blog. So here’s the new shirt:

To purchase a shirt, e-mail Ryan at He’ll send you instructions on how to order the shirt online. He has a secure payment gateway set up through QuickBooks and has assured me that the transactions are 100% safe.

Attn Ryan: I’ve had the shirt on for all of 30 minutes today and I’ve already had two people ask where they can buy one.

Still waiting to see a 38103 tube top.

I spent most of Trolley Tour last night running around from gallery to gallery. I had received a tip that the elusive Master Polo would be in attendance, and I just had to find him. For some reason I’ve become obsessed with figuring out who he is. So, let’s see here. There were plenty of gorgeous women at Trolley Tour, and I spend the evening stalking a guy. Welcome to Loserville, population: me.

And to make things worse, Master Polo never showed.

Post-Trolley Tour drinking venues included Big Foot, E&H, the Tap Room, and the Black Diamond. If anything interesting happened I don’t remember it.

Bluff City Coffee at 505 S. Main is now open. Good to see a coffee shop in the South Main district.

All right. I’m bored. Time to hit the Publish Post button and go outside.