Dear Spencer

The note below was found outside Sleep Out Louie’s on Union Avenue this morning. Click for full-size (5-megapixel) image – may take a while to download if you’re connecting via phone line. Parental discretion advised: content is definitely not appopriate for those under 18.

Today I hung out at Sleep Out’s until about 6. Then I went to Big Foot for dinner, ordering the Holy Smokes Wings, which were intolerably hot. 3 of the 12 wings and I was done. Sobered me up though.

Then I went to Blues City, where I had heard FreeWorld would be playing, only to discover The Dempseys were playing the early show. They drew a big crowd, including a girl in a pink tube top.

On the break, one of the Dempseys was kind enough to invite me to a holiday BBQ at his house sometime later this weekend… so I’m thinking… the band that played for the President two days ago is inviting me to a BBQ… how can I not go? But on the other hand… I have expired plates on the car. If I drive, I’m risking a ticket for at least that if not more. Looks like I’m going to have to go, and not drink a drop of alcohol once there. Which sucks.