Moonshine, moonshine to quench the devil’s thirst…

… the law they swore they’d get him but the devil got him first!
Ballad of Thunder Road by Robert Mitchum and Don Raye

So I tried moonshine for the first time in my life today. I was at a cookout in Midtown and one of the guests brought a Mason jar of it. Now, if you already feel a case of heartburn coming on, “sure, I’d love to try some moonshine,” is definitely the wrong answer. It was corn whiskey, clear in color, estimated to be 135-140 proof by the person who brought it. It tasted like Thunderbird wine, which is not a good thing to be sure, and I’m embarrassed to admit that I know what Thunderbird tastes like in the first place. It aggravated my heartburn by a factor of 5 to be sure.

I had a great time at the cookout I went to in Midtown, and I thank the host and hostess for the chance to see their beautiful house and for the burger, hot dog, tater tots, and beer. I learned how to work the cab system today. Getting from downtown to other parts of the city is not hard – just find a cab waiting for a fare (I found one at the Peabody). He drove me to the party in the McLean & Jackson area, and I tipped him $5 on my $12 fare and asked, “When I’m ready to head back downtown how do I get a ride?” He gave me not only the cab company number but his personal cell number as well, and asked approximately when I’d be heading back. So when I was ready to leave I called his cell and he was there in 5 minutes. I had always heard it takes at least 30 minutes and often closer to an hour to get a cab in Midtown.

July 4 will probably be over by the time you read this, but it’s still not too late to show your patriotism by ordering an American Flag Tube Top. What better way to show your patriotism than by wearing a tube top? If I were blogging from Afghanistan, this would be Burqa Month. Every month would be Burqa Month.

I read in the Downtowner Magazine that Maynard, Silky Sullivan’s pet goat, has passed away. My condolences to Silky and everyone at his restaurant who took care of Maynard.

Plans for tomorrow:
1) Get up way earlier than I would like
2) Sit in a cubicle all morning
3) Renew my expired tags at lunch
4) Sit in a cubicle some more
5) Get a haircut after work

Clearly tomorrow is shaping up to be the most exciting day of the week, if not the year. I better get some sleep.