Friday update: Sleep Out’s, weekend plans

If anyone knows of a reasonably-priced 1 BR apartment downtown, available NOW (the NOW part is important), let me know. This is not for me, this is for friends of mine. It needs to be in the core downtown area (approximately between Adams and a couple of blocks south of Beale).

Last night I started out at Sleep Out’s, where Mike King and I did an interview about Residents for a Safer Downtown Memphis, which will run in a local publication in the next couple of weeks. I’ll pass on the info as soon as I have a firm date.

After the interview, I moved to the bar, where the general manager challenged me to a game of NTN Trivia. Needless to say, I kicked his ass. During the course of the game, I ran out of beer and the bartender started to pour me a PBR. “No PBR, it’s been tasting nasty lately, give me a Bud Light instead.” The GM heard me say that and called the distributor to come clean the lines. They’ve apparently been lazy about doing it, but when the distributor heard that customers were choosing another company’s product as a result, he said, “We’ll be out tomorrow to clean!”

So the PBR will be drinkable in time for dollar PBR Sunday. Cool.

After the trivia game, I saw little plastic containers of melted butter, and realized it was Crab Leg Thursday at Sleep Out’s – all you can eat crab legs for $15.95. Having not eaten at all up to that point, I couldn’t pass it up. So I stayed an extra two hours devouring crab legs.

After that, I stopped by the Saucer for a beer, where I learned that the Nuh-Uh Girl will soon become one of my neighbors. I asked if she was moving in this month. “Nuh UHHHHHHHH!” she replied. Not until August. Welcome to the building!

Next, I wandered down to Beale Street – specifically, the Tap Room. Good LORD… I have never seen so many gorgeous girls walking down Beale in my life. Guys, no matter how much you hate country music, you gotta check out Country On Beale. Tube tops and halter tops and bikini tops and miniskirts everywhere. I’ll definitely be there next Thursday, although in the early part of the evening, I’ll be on the Madison rooftop, where The Dempseys will be playing.

While sitting at the Tap Room’s bar, a man in a polo shirt strolled in and took the tip jar and strolled out. “Oh, that must be one of the managers,” I thought. “He’s collecting the tips so they don’t get stolen.” About one second later, I thought, “Wait a minute… I’ve never known managers to do that here… and I’ve never seen that guy before…” and I yelled, “HEY NILES, HE JUST STOLE YOUR TIP JAR!” and took off running down Beale, with several other people including the bartender right behind me. The thief realized he had people chasing him and dropped the jar outside King’s Palace. People on the street told me he’s one of the local crackheads and he pulls stunts like that all the time. Surprised I didn’t recognize him.

Plans for this weekend… not sure. Very tentative plan to do Fish Races tonight at Sleep Out’s, but that could change. I have a feeling I’ll be doing a late-night at the Black Diamond drinking PBR cans at least one night this weekend.

If you’re looking for something to do tomorrow night, LoLo’s Table is now doing Sangria Saturdays… $8 pitchers of sangria with food purchase. Good way to get your date drunk on a budget.

Sunday, of course I’ll be at brunch at Sleep Out’s from about 11 to 2. Hopefully there won’t be a new round of whipped cream pictures to post on Monday, but if we start drinking duck farts, you never know. The whipped cream pics I posted yesterday were taken after we had all done about 6 rounds of duck farts.

The Sunday after those pics were taken, I was sitting at the bar, and the daytime bartender, Kimberley, was working. She had left before things got wild the week before. I asked Kimberley if she knew how to make a duck fart. “I don’t know,” she replied, “Do you pick him up and squeeze him?”

If you’re outside Sunday evening, look up at the sky. The space shuttle Discovery will pass over Memphis at 8:56 PM.

One of my neighbors tried my cleaning tip that I posted yesterday. She too had a tub that just wouldn’t get clean no matter what she tried. So, she went to the store and picked up a pack of Magic Erasers, and she reports that they worked and now she has a fresh, sparkling white tub as well! Hmmm… you know, in some cultures, it’s considered appropriate to put on a tube top in appreciation for excellent household cleaning advice.

Ahhh… the weekend is here. This is shaping up to be a great summer. Even TWICE as great as last summer. Let’s go have some fun!