Oh, goody

So this morning I went to the parking garage and started the car. It started fine, but the SERVICE ENGINE SOON light came on and stayed on for about a minute. The ABS light came on and stayed on. The emergency brake light flickered on and off continuously. The air wouldn’t turn on at all. So instead of turning left on Monroe and driving to work, I turned right on Monroe and drove to the Saturn dealership. Never fails. Every time I build up some money in my checking account, the car decides to spend it for me. Of course, it’s 12 years old so I guess it’s expected to do that.

So now I’m at the dealership, and it looks like Saturn is rolling out an entire new line of cars for 2007. There’s a two-seater convertible called the Sky which does not look like a Saturn at all – it looks like an expensive sports car. Cruising around in the Sky during the summer months – during “tube top weather” as I call it – would be fun. It lists for $24-27K, according to the pricing literature.

There are also two other models coming out – the Outlook, an 8-seater SUV, and the Aura, which looks like a mid-sized coupe. Again, these cars don’t look like Saturns as we currently know them at all.

They have a Sky in the showroom, and I snapped a picture of it with the digicam. I don’t have the USB camera cord with me so I can’t post it right now though. Looks like the Aura and Outlook are too new to have arrived at the dealerships yet.

At least they have wireless here. Actually, I don’t think Saturn does specifically, but one of its neighbors has an unsecured wireless network that I was able to hop on to. Signal’s real weak though. I’m going to publish this while I can and get a little surfing done.