Sunday drunk post: Tube topography, good music, and an evening with Semi-Charmed Kat

Let’s catch up with what has been going on this weekend… Friday night I ran into Meredith (see the previous post, in the green tube top) and her roommate Melissa on Second Street, and they decided to come to Sleep Out’s with me. So we hung out and drank for a couple of hours, and the green tube top came up in conversation. Meredith revealed that when she wears tube tops, she wears them the proper way (they can be worn “with” or “without” – the proper way is “without”). When I got home, I pulled up her pic in Paint Shop Pro and zoomed in 8x to observe the tube topography, but that stupid St. Patrick’s day lei around her neck is in the way.

Last night I returned to Sleep Out’s, and found that the usual band, Pam & Terry, had the night off. However, the band that was playing in their place, Ken & Robyn Greene, were OUTSTANDING. It’s a two person band, with Ken on lead vocals and guitar and Robin on electric violin. They have an incredible repertoire, with Ken singing absolutely perfect vocals on everything from Elvis to classic rock to the Smiths. They played a lot of ’80s and a lot of Smiths… Sleep Out’s regular John D. thought he had died and gone to heaven. Not surprisingly, heaven looks a lot like a bar to John D.

Ken and Robyn will be performing this Friday at ReMax on the River (500 S. Main) at the South Main Trolley Art Tour, and they will be performing August 5 at the Farmers’ Market, so you have a couple more chances to see them downtown.

Later in the evening, Semi-Charmed Kat called and wanted to meet up. I owed her a beer and she was interested in collecting. I think Semi-Charmed Kat regretted hanging out with me by the end of the evening though. She just bought a house in East Bumblefuck and I was making fun of her neighborhood nonstop.

“Just think, Kat, you can get in your SUV that gets 9 miles per gallon and drive down Germantown Parkway and weave through all the soccer moms in their minivans and drive to a strip mall and go to the Cordova Fox and Hound.”

“Or you can drive 5 miles in the opposite direction to another strip mall and go sit at the bar at Houston’s and talk to the couple next to you about how lucky they are not to have to pay city property taxes on their house which looks just like every other house in their incredibly boring neighborhood.”

“Or you can drive 3 miles in the opposite direction and go to a different strip mall and go to…”

At that point, Kat interrupted me. “Paul, if you say Mulligan’s I’m going to slap you.” I’ll admit, I was about to say Mulligan’s.

Kat tried to defend East Bumblefuck. Hey, there are some advantages. For example, her neighborhood has a drive-thru Chick-Fil-A and downtown doesn’t. Finally Kat realized that she wasn’t winning the argument and instead directed me to look at her boobs, which were packed into a slutty black dress.

“I want to see these Romanians you talk about in your blog all the time,” Semi-Charmed Kat said. “Are any of them working tonight?” So Kat and I walked to a nearby restaurant where a Romanian was waitressing. We took seats at the back bar.

A few minutes later, the Romanian appeared and Semi-Charmed Kat made a Semi-Charmed Katty comment. “She’s short,” was the first thing Kat said. Meow! She mentioned that fact several more times too. “Paul, she’s a pretty girl,” Kat said, “but she sure is short.”

Speaking of Romania… Romanian president Traian Basescu will visit the U.S. this week, and will meet with President Bush on Thursday. They will discuss bilateral relations. Now, as you know I have not always been the biggest fan of George W. Bush. Nevertheless, I support him 100% on this initiative. I pledge to do everything I personally can this week to encourage Romanians to have relations with Americans. Sometimes you gotta be a patriot.

All right… it’s 1:00 and I’m back at Sleep Out’s for brunch. I’ll be here until at least 7. I hear there will be boobs and whipped cream later on. Wondering if there will be a photo album tomorrow. Happy Sunday and you never know, the laptop still has some battery so there may be a second post.