Wed. lunch post

I can’t believe how many people who have asked me, “Did you really book The Dempseys to play for George Bush?” For those of you who missed the previous post… Sunday night they announced to the crowd that I was their manager, that I book all their gigs. They were kidding, of course. No. No. Just to remove all doubt… I did not book them to play for Bush. If I were truly the manager of a successful band, why in the world would I spend 8 hours a day working in a cubicle?

This lunchtime post is once again brought to you by the Wi-Fi at Sleep Out Louie’s. Fellow SOL regular Josh just walked in and said, “I just saw one of your Romanians in a tube top,” and I jumped about three feet out of my seat. He didn’t know which one it was, but he said that she was blonde, that the tube top was well filled out, and that she was pulling it up. If she walks back by while I’m still here, I may very well get down on one knee and propose. Wear a tube top, get a green card.

One more item to add to the Friday night festivities: Lamar Sorrento will be appearing at Dr. Bob’s gallery at 10 South Main. Dr. Bob will also be showing the Katrina short films if you missed them last time.

The Rapscallions rolled to a first-place victory last night at trivia at the Saucer. That brings our total stash of gift certificates to $270. Time to have a party! We’re planning it via e-mail this morning.

After talking to several trusted friends, I have decided that I am not ready to take down the June 5-9 posts about downtown crime that led to the formation of Residents for a Safer Downtown Memphis. Previously I had considered removing them, because I worried the posts were hurting the image of downtown, and I felt like the crime problem was starting to be addressed. And it is… but it’s still a problem. When I walk to Jack’s and get hit up by 3 bums in 2 blocks, that makes me mad. So, the posts stay up until January ’07 at least.

Speaking of crime… the gang members who were arrested in last week’s Operation Blue Crush sweep appeared in court today. One of the gang members told the judge that the assault rifle found in his possession was a present from his grandmother. He wasn’t kidding. From now on, whenever someone asks, “WTF is wrong with Memphis?”, that will be the story I tell them.

Last week when I was looking at the sample election ballot, there was a name that looked vaguely familiar – Bren Olswanger. “Do I know that guy?” I wondered. Well, today after seeing his ad in the Flyer, I realized who he was – Bren from the TV show The Apprentice. He was on a couple of seasons ago and made it to the final five. He has a website at and is having a reception tomorrow at Murphy’s, 4 to 7 pm. By the way, Murphy’s address is wrong in the Flyer ad – correct address is the corner of Madison and Avalon.

Oh, cool! The Court Square Concert Series is coming back. Those were a lot of fun last year. They’ll be held every Wednesday in Court Square, near the intersection of Second and Court, from 6 to 8 pm. Good music, beer and wine, bums and pigeons. Free Sol kicks it off next Wednesday, August 2, and the series will continue through October 25. Nice to see them doing it when the weather is a bit cooler this year – good idea. It’s still plenty warm enough in October for outdoor shows. Attn Mikey: I’m sensing an opportunity for Residents for a Safer Downtown Memphis to shake hands and kiss babies at these shows. Actually, babies are kind of gross, I’d prefer to shake hands and kiss Romanians.

I haven’t voted yet… I’ll probably do it today after work. I’ll walk up to the main election office and press the levers for Steve Cohen and Novella Smith Arnold. Or, if I unexpectedly die before I make it to the polls, then I’ll show up there as a ghost and vote for Ophelia.

That was bad. Back to work.