Bums, Bands, Beer, and Pigeons

Tonight is the weekly installment of bums, bands, beer, and pigeons at Court Square, for their weekly concert series from 6 to 8 PM. The Glass will be playing, and I’m looking forward to hearing them. Brad from the Glass is my former barista from Empire Coffee. Wish Empire was still open so I could still get a frozen hot chocolate and take it over to the park.

No posts in a while… sorry. Still having Internet connection problems at home. Let’s see… what has been going on. Well, I went to Coyote Ugly for the first time Monday night. My opinion: Not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I’ll give it a 6 out of 10 but I went in expecting to give it a 2. I want to go back on a weekend night and see what it’s like though. One of the girls dancing on the bar squirted my friend with a water gun and made him drop his drink. That’s a clever way to get an extra $6 for another drink, I guess.

Before that, I went to Pint Nite at the Saucer. My favorite waitress was working, and even though I normally hate the benches, I sat there because it was her section. The night was unusual in that none of my regular drinking buddies were there, so I was sitting by myself. I worried that if I got up to use the restroom, I’d lose my seat. So I took out a note card and wrote the following:





It worked. My seat was safe all night. I also got a big smile from the waitress as I came back from the bathroom, so I think she saw it.

Oh. I also stopped by the Black Diamond for a can of PBR. While there, a friend told me that Young Avenue Deli is doing 50-cent PBR cans on Sunday night. That might actually be enough to get me out of downtown!

Speaking of cheap beer, don’t forget that tonight is the first installment of College Night at Alfred’s. 5 cent pitchers until 11 if you have a college ID. I wonder if any of the people who make fake IDs so under-21s can drink can make me a fake college ID.

It’s also the first installment of College Night at Jillian’s/Atlas.

The Cooper-Young Fest schedule of events is out in this week’s Flyer, and ho…ly…crap… they’ve extended it all the way to York this year on the north side. Up until a couple of years ago it stopped at Nelson. Then they extended it one more block north to Evelyn. This year it’s two blocks more north to York. AWESOME.

In case you haven’t read the news, Justin Timberlake will be performing Friday on Beale Street between 7 and 8, for Good Morning America. It’s a free concert. The Beale Street merchants are hoping the crowd sticks around afterward. Wondering exactly what they expect the crowd to spend money on since it’s all bars, and who wants to drink at that hour… other than the bums, and the people still lingering in the Black Diamond from the night before.

My readership is declining… I’m averaging about 190 hits on the weekdays, where I was up in the 230-250 range before Labor Day. Is it because school started? Or do people just not like me anymore… who knows. However, I do know that my number of hits will experience a dramatic pop two weeks from today. Not allowed to say why yet. I have a party to go to that night, which might have something to do with it.

Although, I have picked up at least one new reader in recent days… welcome to my blog! Good to see you out last weekend!

A friend sent me some pics of the Chalk Art Festival last weekend at the Farmers’ Market and asked that I post them, so here ya go (click the link). I didn’t take any of these, so no pics of Romanian waitresses this time around, sorry.

Last Friday’s trip to Raiford’s got me in the mood to go again. I may hit it Friday night – I know I said I want to rest up for Cooper-Young, but you know, I’ll catch up on sleep in October. If I don’t make it Friday night, then Saturday. Maybe both. You never know. My Raiford’s visits tend to go in cycles… I won’t go at all for 3-4 months, then I’ll want to go every night for a while. I’m moving back into the “go every night” phase. The $12 cover is not enough to deter me.

Today’s lunchtime post is brought to you by the free WiFi at Otherlands… wow, for an hour I got quite a bit typed! Time to post and go back to work.