Happiest day of the year tomorrow

Today’s lunchtime post comes to you not from one of my branch offices, but from the main office. My work. The city schools are having a cookout for us, so I’m typing this as I munch on a burger and beans and slaw at my desk.

It’s almost here… my favoritest day of the whole year… tomorrow… Cooper-Young Fest. I plan on getting there around 11, and staying until it ends at 7, and maybe staying later if I hear of any good post-CY parties. I love walking around all day (think I’ll take my pedometer and see how many steps I take – bet it’s 20,000 easily), seeing people I haven’t seen in years, visiting all the booths, eating gyros and turkey legs and thinking “man, pronto pups are disgusting, who would eat those?” and then wanting a pronto pup a few hours (and beers) later.

Trying to figure out what bands I want to see… the only one that jumps out at me is Esque, on the Corona Extra Main Stage at 2:15. Never heard them but all the Midtown hipster bloggers rave about them. Guess I’ll go see what the fuss is about. FreeWorld is playing the First Congo stage at 1:15, but heck, living downtown I can walk down the street and see FreeWorld any time I feel like it.

Cooper-Young Fest is SACRED to me. Nothing is allowed to interfere with my good time. NOTHING. Case in point: One of the Romanians wanted to go to dinner at one of my favorite downtown restaurants Saturday night, but I turned her down because it would have meant leaving CY early. There are very few opportunities in this world that outrank spending time with Romanians, but CYFest is one of them.

I’ll have on my brand-new lime green Residents for a Safer Downtown Memphis T-shirt. If you see me out walking around, stop and say hello. I’ll bring the digital camera, so there may very well be a Cooper-Young photo album on my site next week.

You can find the band schedule for Cooper-Young Fest in this Commercial Appeal article, or you can get check this week’s issue of the Memphis Flyer for a complete program which lists all 400 vendors.

Back to work. Hope to see you at the festival tomorrow!