Monday update

So, I went to Cooper-Young Fest on Saturday. It’s the 14th time I’ve been to the annual festival, but this year I did something I’ve never done at a CY Fest before.

I didn’t drink.

Honestly, I got down there and didn’t want or need to. For one thing, I didn’t want to take any chances of getting a DUI – I knew the police would have roadblocks up due to the Southern Heritage Classic that was also going on that night. And besides, I didn’t even want to drink. It was really hot – official temperature in the low 90s, and with the sun reflecting off the asphalt it was probably more like the upper 90s on the street. So I drank lemonade, Gatorade, water, and Mountain Dew throughout the day.

Best T-shirt I saw at CY Fest: “Keep Mount Moriah beautiful.” Leaning against each letter of BEAUTIFUL was a shadow image of a girl doing a stripper pose. Oh, that’s just classic. I should have bought that shirt.

Saw Steve Cohen at the festival and he asked about the blog. Kinda cool to have a future congressman as a blog reader. I also got a “Vote No On 1” sticker and wore it all day. I’m gonna do an entire separate post/rant on that one. Man, how much better a world this would be if only people who attended Cooper-Young Fest were allowed to vote.

It was good seeing my friend Wendy and her new baby. I got some funny looks as I walked around with her and the stroller. It’s not mine. Seriously. I saw Serrabee and she commented, “Nearly everyone our age has strollers.” You know, she’s right. Most of my friends my age own houses, are married, have kids. I chase after 23 year old waitresses and write a blog.

It was good meeting dwayne butcher at CY Fest. I love his pre-CY blog entry.

I stayed 8 hours, on my feet the entire time and was absolutely exhausted when it was over. Drove home, hung out at my friend Chad’s for football and birthday cheesecake (from the Cheesecake Corner, topped with blueberries – so good), then called it a night.

Didn’t take any pics, so no photo album, sorry.

I’m sitting here at the Flying Saucer typing this, enjoying a FREE Kick-Ass Chicken sandwich because I filled up my frequent lunch card with 7 stamps. Speaking of the Saucer, I should mention that The Dempseys will be playing here Thursday night. Right now there’s only a 50% chance I’ll be able to go see them (may have conflicting plans). But that’s OK – if I miss them Thursday, they’ll be at Blues City Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday nights.

God this was a boring post. I need to start posting drunk again.