Drunk post

So I went to the Saucer tonight to hear The Dempseys. I stayed through all three of their sets and left about 1:30. About 11 my waitress (from Romania) got cut and asked if I’d tab out with her. I asked if she wanted her tip in money or kisses. She said money. Damn!

I am no longer dateless for Wednesday night’s party. While at the Saucer, about midnight during the Dempseys’ second set, I met a regular blog reader who works at a major corporation downtown and she indicated that she’d love to go. So I asked her.

She said to let everyone know that Precious Cargo, at 381 N. Main in the Pinch, has the most incredible vegan food in the city, and to try their vegan chocolate cake in particular. I’m not a vegan (I enjoy eating dead animals) but nevertheless, I’ll check it out sometime soon. I went there a few times in the late ’90s and enjoyed it very much.

“Thunder Road,” from which The Dempseys get their song “Ballad of Thunder Road,” will be on in an hour at 3 AM (it’s Thursday night/Friday morning as I type this) on Turner Classic.

Now I’m at home eating a microwaved can of Stagg Chili. It doesn’t come in airtight boxes anymore. It comes in cans like all the other brands of chili. The Dynamite Hot and White Chili (with chicken) varieties are da bomb.

Guess I’ll go to bed now.