Lunch post: New Saucer menu, Cohen fundraiser, Ken & Robyn, and more

Today’s lunchtime post is being brought to you by the free Wi-Fi at the Flying Saucer. Their new menu is officially out today. Some of the new items:

  • Brat Con Queso – beer brat broiled with four white cheeses, served with pico de gallo and tortillas
  • Rocket Tots – cheese & pepper tots with Habanero sour cream dip
  • Chicago Brat – basically a bratwurst dressed up like a Chicago-style hot dog.
  • Chicken Philly – I’m assuming this needs no explanation.
  • Smoked Salmon Wrap – with goat cheese, cucumber, capers, onion, lettuce, tomato.
  • And, of course, the Young’s Double Chocolate ice cream float I mentioned in the previous post.

They also have a daily “Brewmaster’s Board” pairing food with beer. Pretty cool. I like the upgrade.

My waitress (who, by the way, is from Romania) just brought the Rocket Tots out. They’re dressed up real pretty in a Chimay glass. Best presentation of tater tots I’ve ever seen, but then again I haven’t been to Sonic in a while, they may be doing something even fancier there.

The Steve Cohen fundraiser Sunday night at Pembroke Square was a blast. Steve spoke for about 15 minutes and really sounded like a statesman. He’s gonna be something rarely seen in Congress: A man of integrity. I bet the special interests are going to HATE it if he gets elected.

You know, I was doing my usual Sunday drinking thing, and about 6:30 I realized it was almost time to go to the fundraiser. I had on a black shirt with a collar, and shorts. I really didn’t feel like going home to change. So I called the organizer of the event (who, by the way, is a great kisser). I told her what I had on, and asked if I needed to put on something dressier. “Of course not!” she said. “You’re fine. Come on over, dressed as you are.”

I couldn’t help but think, if I had been going to a fundraiser for a Republican, I would have been expected to go change into a button-down shirt and khakis, at a minimum. This is another reason why I’m glad I’m not a Republican.

Ken & Robyn will be performing Saturday night, September 30 at Sleep Out Louie’s, and they will also be recording their show (audio) for an upcoming CD release. You’ve GOT to go see them if you haven’t already. Incredible vocals. Incredible violin. Incredible repertoire of songs. GO. Go go go.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for a BIG announcement about this blog. I’ve already told some of you, but tomorrow I’ll be able to go public with it.