Friday update

Sitting here using the Saucer’s Wi-Fi to make a lunch post. I see they have a couple of new bottled beers: Eye of the Hawk Pale Ale and Tommy Knocker Dopplebock. No idea if I’ll like those but I’ll at least give ’em points for having interesting names.

There will be an open house tonight at 95 South Main from 5 to 8. It will feature photos by Monty Shane and Guillermo Umbria and food from Dawgie Style Hot Dogs. They’ll also be showing off the live-work condos at 95 South Main. So if you’re interested in buying a condo, come by. If you’re not interested in buying a condo, come by anyway and pretend to be interested while you eat their free food and drink their free alcohol. It’s between Union and Gayoso in the New Main block. You can park around the corner at Parking Can Be Fun on Union if you’re driving.

The Memphis Flyer Best Of Memphis party Wednesday night was a blast. The Flyer really knows how to throw a party – Blue Moon and Stella Artois on tap, food from some of the finest restaurants in Memphis, including my friends at Big Foot Lodge who won Reader’s Choice for Best Restaurant. Congratulations guys! You deserve it. Big Foot was one of five Reader’s Choice winners for Best Restaurant, and the only one that isn’t a white-tablecloth affair. Considering they’ve been open less than two years, their win is really impressive. The party also had catering by Gus’s Chicken and various other restaurants who took prizes in the award categories. I’m gonna have to find some good stuff to blog about for the next 12 months so I’ll get to go to next year’s party.

Although, I gotta say, a big part of the reason I enjoyed the Flyer party as much as I did was because my date turned out to be one of the most awesome people I ever met. For those not familiar with the backstory, about a week before the party I posted a blog entry saying I was dateless, and that if I had any secret admirers it would be a good time to reveal themselves. The next night at a Dempseys show, someone did. And so I ended up taking her to the party, and we had a great time. We’re going to hang out again tonight. Trouble is, she’s moving out of town this weekend. I should’ve posted that “secret admirers, reveal yourself” comment six months ago so I could’ve met her sooner. Never knew my blog would function as a dating service, but heck, if it works, I’ll take it.

My lunch just arrived… the Brat Con Queso. This is really cool. It reminds me of the Queso Flameado that they have at Cozymel’s, but with bratwurst rather than shrimp or chicken. It’s a tub of 4 melted cheeses with brat slices and pico de gallo. You spoon it onto tortillas and eat it. SO good. They’ve really done a good job with this new menu.

Mpact Memphis has a MySpace page now. Good God. Everyone and their dog has a MySpace page these days. Otherlands has one too. Maybe Residents for a Safer Downtown Memphis should have one. I’ll talk to my co-founder about it.

A few dates to put on your calendar:

Thursday, October 5: The Dempseys play the Madison rooftop party. I believe this will be the last rooftop party of the season. The Peabody ended theirs a month ago.

Sunday, October 15: The Dempseys play Downtown Huey’s, 9 pm to 1 am, as part of the location’s 10th anniversary celebration. Of all the venues where The Dempseys play, Downtown Huey’s is far and away my favorite.

Wednesday, October 25: Mpact Memphis’ 5th birthday party on the rooftop of The Lofts. They’ll also be presenting the winners of their Mpact Makers awards.

That’s all for now. Back to Cubicle World for four more hours, then it’s party time.