Saturday update

So, let me see if I can recap what I did last night. Started out at 95 S. Main to drink some free beer… then I went to the Flying Saucer… then I walked down to South Main for Trolley Tour… had a beer at Nate’s bar at Earnestine & Hazel’s… stopped by 36 GE Patterson where there was a party going on… kicked some ass at pool… got my ass kicked at darts… walked back up Main Street toward the core of downtown… screamed at a bum who asked me for ’bout fitty-three cent… went back to the Saucer… then wandered down to Beale Street and hung out at the back bar at Blues City for a while… was on my way back to the Saucer for round three but ran into some friends and turned around and went back to Beale with them… we went to Silky’s… (edited to add: I left out the Tap Room, had a beer there too)… then Club 152… then Raiford’s. Here’s a pic of Dan from Nashville (who I met last night) and me in my ’70s disco hat:

I also took a pic of one of my regular blog readers with whom I was hanging out… someone I’ve mentioned several times the past few days. However, she failed to follow through on her promise to wear a tube top, so I’m not going to post the pic. Sorry… if you want free publicity in my blog, you gotta play by the rules.

Don’t forget, there’s some great live music by Ken & Robyn tonight at Sleep Out Louie’s from 7 to 11. I’ve raved about them in this blog several times. Just trust me, if you’re looking for something to do tonight, this is the place to go. Unfortunately, I don’t think the Romanian who works at Sleep Out’s will be there tonight. But go anyway.

Speaking of great live music: When people ask where to go to hear live music, the same places always get mentioned – the Deli, the Daisy, the Buc, Hi-Tone. But I want to bring your attention to one place that gets overlooked but nevertheless has some of the best music in the city: Memphis Originals, better known as MO’s, on Walker just east of Highland. There you can hear some of the city’s best talent in a chilled-out, laid-back coffeehouse setting. Click the link to hit their website, and check their calendar to see who is playing when. They also have “Campus Cooking Wok ‘n’ Roll,” a cooking class for college students, Saturday mornings at 11, which makes me wish I was still in college so I could go.

If you’re an artist or musician, you definitely need to visit MO’s just to meet the owner, Anita. She has a keen mind for business and is an expert on helping people in the arts put business plans together. Definitely a good person to know.

With all going on this week, I forgot to mention that my team The Rapscallions took third place in trivia Tuesday night, adding a $10 certificate to our stash, bringing the total to $70. However: Later in the evening I found out that the first-place team was a group of accountants. ACCOUNTANTS. Guys, losing to accountants is COMPLETELY unacceptable. We MUST do better next week. When I found out we lost to accountants I was so upset that I almost pulled a Mendi and walked out of the Saucer without my debit card.

… hang on, let’s post a pic of Mendi.

There ya go. That’s Mendi, on the left. I completely forgot that I took this picture until I found it on my camera this morning.

All right, that’s enough for now. Time to take a shower and go outside.