Go. See. This. Movie.

This post is going be unusual for me in two respects: 1) I’m going to recommend a movie. As many of you (especially my trivia team) know, I almost never go see movies; 2) It’s going to be a post where I mention spiritual/religious matters without making fun of them.

Conversations with God. Based on a book by the same name that came out about 12 years ago. It starts Friday, October 27 at Studio on the Square. GO SEE IT.

It presents a different way of thinking of “God,” and having a relationship with God, than you will find in any mainstream religion. I’ve read the book and it makes more sense to me from a spiritual/religious perspective than anything else I’ve seen.

This movie won’t preach to you. It won’t say, “I AM RIGHT, I AM THE ONE WAY” as is so often the case with mainstream religion. If you have an open mind, this movie won’t turn you off; it will turn you on. GO SEE IT.

I’m excited. This could be the beginning of a complete overhaul in the way society sees itself in relation to God, and I think it’s an overhaul that’s long overdue.


I know, I know, I need to update the Halloween list. Lots of stuff to add. It’ll be updated tomorrow at the latest.