Updated list of Halloween parties

Here’s the updated list of Halloween parties going on around town:

Friday 10/27: South Main Trolley Art Tour, 6-9. Not really a Halloween event but the galleries will be serving free booze.

My apartment building’s party, 9-until. Of course, I’ll be there. We’re trying to figure out whether the weather will permit us to have it on the rooftop. Last forecast I saw said high 63, low 46, which sounds awful chilly for a rooftop party. Remember, we want those whose costumes involve various states of undress to be comfortable, and not leave to go to other parties.

There’s also a Memphis Roller Derby Halloween party and fundraiser at Neil’s, with Adios Gringo, Damn Your Eyes, and The Vacant. Costume contest. Starts at 9:00, $6 cover.

Saturday 10/28: Halloween party at the Flying Saucer. Costume contest with grand prize of an electric guitar kit or a trip for two to the Bahamas. Needless to say, I will be there a good part of the evening.

Halloween party at Dan McGuinness. I hear they’re going to be giving away a home theater system for their costume contest. Since that’s right across the street, I’ll probably make an appearance there as well.

I’ve also heard Atlas will be throwing a good party Saturday night. According to the guys who were sitting next to me one Sunday afternoon at the Saucer, the Atlas party got pretty wild last year. They mentioned something about females at the party with tape covering strategic areas and not much else. Hmmm.

Elsewhere downtown, Pat O’s will be having a party 10-2 with costume contest. $6 cover includes first beer.

In the Marshall/Monroe area, The Halloween Party from Hell will be happening at Premiere Palace. $15 with costume, $20 without. Visit their site for more info.

Across the street at the old Six-1-Six location, the 450 Stonewall party will take place, which is always huge. Their site says info will be updated soon; um, guys, it’s gonna be November before long, might wanna get on that. It would be easy to do the Premiere Palace and Stonewall parties without re-parking, if you don’t mind paying two covers.

The Chicken Tractor party is Saturday at Newby’s, which I’ve heard is good, and if you’re lucky you’ll get to make out with regular blog reader Mendi.

Sunday 10/29: Uptown is having a neighborhood chili cookoff, pumpkin carving contest, and house decoration contest from noon to 6. Unlike almost everything else mentioned here, this one is kid-friendly.

Monday 10/30: Uptown Haunted House, 6-8 pm, at Uptown Square Apartments (formerly Lauderdale Courts), 252 N. Lauderdale.

Tuesday 10/31: If you have kids, there will be a Halloween party at Mud Island River Park with pumpkin carving, magic, toys, candy, food, hay rides, and more. $2 for kids, parents free with purchase of a kid’s ticket 5:30-8:00, rain or shine.

And now, on to the adult events:

Sleep Out Louie’s is having a Halloween party with costume contest, starting at 5. See below for details.

Bluefin has a Halloween party with costume contest. Last year the contest got started late, around 11.

Big Foot will have a party from 9-12 with costume contest and $2 34 oz. Coors Light. This should be a good one, Shawn always throws one hell of a party.

The “spooky” trivia night at the Flying Saucer has been postponed until November 7.

I will spend the evening of the 31st moving back and forth between Sleep Out’s, Big Foot, Bluefin, and the Flying Saucer (no party mentioned for the Saucer, but I’ll stop by anyway). Not sure where I’ll be spending the majority of my time; everyone be forewarned, loyalty to my usual local bars will take a back seat to which bar has the hottest females.

That’s the list. If I missed anything let me know.

Coming tomorrow: A pic of the most beautiful waitress ever to put on a Flying Saucer uniform. She can be a bit bitchy at times, but my God is she hot. Many of you know who I’m talking about. So be sure to check back tomorrow.