Lots to see on the wild animal cam

In my last post I talked about the wild animal cam on a South Africa game reserve that I’ve been watching. Things have been getting good on the cam. Saturday night when I got home, I turned it on and they had a close-up of a zebra drinking. Sunday morning when I woke up, there were wildebeest and zebras grazing, and about an hour later a giraffe showed up at the watering home. The camera was able to zoom in so close that you could see its tongue moving as it drank.

Then things really heated up last night. Several lions were asleep near the watering hole. After about an hour, the camera panned around (it is mounted on a tree and can pan a full 360 degrees) and we could see a herd of wildebeest approaching. Uh-oh, I thought, those wildebeest don’t know what they’re about to step into. The cam panned back around to the watering hole for a close-up of a lioness. About 30 minutes after that, it panned back around to a shot of three more lions standing over a dead wildebeest. They rested for a while, then began to feast. Surprisingly, no vultures showed up.

8 to 10 AM our time (Central time) seems to be a great time to view the camera, as that’s right before sunset at the game reserve. Sun comes back up around 9 PM our time, and that’s a good time for viewing too because all the animals come for a morning drink. The camera is active during their night/our day, with black-and-white night vision images. As of right now the lions are still working on the wildebeest.

I got mostly books for Christmas, including trivia books, a bartender’s guide, a 2007 World Almanac, and Barack Obama’s book The Audacity of Hope.

I’ll be back in Memphis tomorrow night in time for trivia night at the Saucer. In the meantime, I have Internet access here in Little Rock and will continue to post if I think of anything.