Events this week: Liberty Bowl and parade, art gallery tour

Thursday, December 28, 4 pm: Liberty Bowl parade on Beale Street. Yes, I know that’s during the workday, just tell your boss you need to leave early because you’re sick. If you feel guilty about lying you can stop by Wet Willie’s on Beale Street and order a large Call-a-Cab, then you really will be sick.

Friday, December 29, 3:30 pm: Liberty Bowl football game, Houston (10-3) vs. South Carolina (7-5). I won’t be present at the bowl, but will likely be at the Flying Saucer watching the game. And the waitresses. And I’ll be drinking beer. And the game will end just in time for me to walk to the next event:

Friday, December 29, 6-9 pm: South Main Trolley Art Tour, with many of the galleries in or near the South Main district open to the public, and most importantly of all, many of them will be serving free beer, wine, or drinks. The good thing about winter art gallery tours is that they don’t attract crowds as large as spring and fall, which means more booze for the people who do show up.

Sign of the times: I need to mail a letter and I don’t know how much a stamp costs anymore, because I pay all my bills online. I guess I’ll have to look it up on the US Postal Service’s website…. 39 cents, that’s what I thought. Haven’t bought any stamps since they were 37, guess I’ll have to stick two of them on there.

I’m back in town. Going to take it easy and get everything put away this afternoon, then head out in time to make it to trivia night at the Saucer at 7.