I have a huge problem with this children’s book

I work as a contractor at the Board of Education. Every year around Christmastime, the Board has a competition involving holiday-themed door displays. This year, one our office neighbors down the hall did a display based on reading and children’s books. This is one of the books they featured:

I have a BIG problem with this book. Just take a look at the front cover (pictured above) and I think you’ll see why. Now, on the cover, we see Froggy reading a bedtime story to his doll. I have no problem with that. But look more closely, over to the right.

Look at the owl. Look at him peeking through the window, staring at Froggy. That owl is teaching our children that it’s all right to be a peeping tom!

Furthermore, I’m assuming that Froggy is a young frog, given that adults usually don’t read bedtime stories to their dolls. So, the owl is not only a peeping tom, but a pedophile as well. Who knows what disgusting and perverse thoughts he’s having about young Froggy as he watches the bedtime scene from the window. If I were Froggy’s parents, I’d head to court first thing in the morning and get a restraining order against that owl.

Normally I don’t support book banning, but I might be able to see the need for it in cases like this, where perverted owls like this one use children’s books as a vehicle to corrupt our nation’s youth.

Shame on you, Mr. Owl. Shame.