A disputed second-place win

BREAKING NEWS: Former President Gerald Ford died this morning.

Last night at trivia, our three-person team consisting of the Nuh-Uh Girl, Mikey, and myself tied the 18-member Weiss Ass team for first place. So Pete aka Trivia Guy did a tie-breaker question. He asked us, “How many live trees were sold in the US in 2005?”

We thought, well, of course a lot of live trees are sold for Christmas. But considerably more than that are used for landscaping. So we put in a guess of 300 million. We were told we lost, and were given the $25 second-place certificate, bringing our running total to $125.

After it was over, my teammates left, and since I’m off work this week I stayed and hung out for a while. One of the Weiss Asses came over to shake my hand. “What’d you answer for that tie-breaker question? How many live Christmas trees did you think were sold?”

“Wait a minute!” I said. “He said to you, live CHRISTMAS trees? He just said ‘live trees’ to us!”

I think we were robbed out of $25. Congrats to the Weiss Asses on a well-played game though. And congrats to us for keeping up with a team that outnumbered us 6 to 1 until the end.

The correct answer, by the way, was 32.8 million trees.

Be sure to check back tomorrow – a store downtown is closing and is selling its inventory at a discount. I promised my trivia teammates I’d give them a one-day headstart on shopping before I post it here in my blog. Tomorrow I’ll reveal the store’s name and location.