Need web templates? Check out this site

If you’ve followed this blog the past week, you know that I am bound and determined to learn CSS so that I can create my own website and blog templates. But, even for someone like me with a background in web development, it’s a lot of work.

If you need a website and don’t have time to learn CSS and/or graphic design, here’s an option. I found a site today called DreamTemplate that has almost 1,000 Web templates, as well as hundreds of Flash, PowerPoint, and Word templates. Unlike most sites of its type, this is not a pay-per-template deal. Rather, you join for 1 year (and it’s hardly more expensive than one template would cost on other sites), and get access to ALL of their templates. If you build a lot of sites, or if you want to download templates and dissect them to see how they work, this might be worth joining.

If you really, really love a template and want it to be yours and yours alone, you can pay the unique price and they will remove it from their list of free member downloads. (Be warned though: the unique prices are high as a kite. The download-all-you-want, non-unique price is a much better deal.)

Staying in tonight… that makes 3 nights of the past 4 that I haven’t made an appearance at the Saucer, and I can’t remember the last time that happened. But, I have a new CSS book and want to work through as much of it as possible. See ya at the South Main Trolley Art Tour tomorrow evening… (Edit: Changed my mind, heading to the Saucer in a few minutes.)